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Approved strains of the soft rot-causing species derived from Pseudomonas marginalis sensu lato

Until recently, bacterial strains exhibiting the following properties had been identified as Pseudomonas marginalis in the field of plant disease control: fluorescent, oxidase-, potato soft rot-, and arginine dihydrolase-positive, soft rot-causing (referred to as “P. marginalis sensu lato” here). On the other hand, in recent years, as the phylogenetic and genomic analyses have been introduced into the bacterial taxonomy, it has become clear that P. marginalis sensu lato is heterogeneous, suggesting that it might be a species complex including many cryptic species.

Sawada, H., Fujikawa, T. and Satou, M. (2023) Dismantling and reorganizing Pseudomonas marginalis sensu lato. Plant Pathology 72: 654-666.
Strains that served as the basis for proposing the novel species
MAFF No.*1Scientific NameSourceReference*2Gene RegionsGenome DataDistribution
301350 TPseudomonas aegrilactucaeLettucea16S rpoDJAHTBI000000000Order
301512Pseudomonas alliiOnionb16S rpoDJABUHS000000000Order
301514 TPseudomonas alliiOnionb16S rpoDJABUHT000000000Order
212427 TPseudomonas brassicaeBroccolic16S gyrB rpoB rpoDJAAHBU000000000Order
212428Pseudomonas brassicaeBroccolic16S gyrB rpoB rpoDJAAHBV000000000Order
301449 TPseudomonas cyclaminisCommon cyclamend16S rpoDJADDUM00000000Order
301451Pseudomonas cyclaminisCommon cyclamend16S rpoDJADDUN00000000Order
212408 TPseudomonas kitaguniensisWelsh onione16S gyrB rpoB rpoDVUAZ00000000Order
730085Pseudomonas kitaguniensisWelsh onione16S gyrB rpoB rpoDVUBA00000000Order
301380 TPseudomonas lactucaeLettucef16S rpoDJAFHKI000000000Order
301381Pseudomonas lactucaeLettucef16S rpoDJAFHKJ000000000Order
302030 TPseudomonas morbosilactucaeLettucea16S rpoDJALQCW00000000Order
302046Pseudomonas morbosilactucaeLettucea16S rpoDJALQCX00000000Order
311094 TPseudomonas petroseliniParsleyg16S rpoDJAJOZG000000000Order
311095Pseudomonas petroseliniParsleyg16S rpoDJAJOZH000000000Order
311096Pseudomonas petroseliniParsleyg16S rpoDJAJOZI000000000Order
311097Pseudomonas petroseliniParsleyg16S rpoDJAJOZJ000000000Order
Strains found to correspond to the known species other than Pseudomonas marginalis sensu stricto
MAFF No.Scientific NameSourceReferenceGene RegionsGenome DataDistribution
212084Pseudomonas grimontiiTurniph16S gyrB rpoB rpoDOrder
212085Pseudomonas grimontiiTurniph16S gyrB rpoB rpoDOrder
212397Pseudomonas salomoniiGarlici16S gyrB rpoB rpoDOrder
212398Pseudomonas salomoniiGarlici16S gyrB rpoB rpoDOrder
Strains found to be included in the same species range as the type strain of Pseudomonas marginalis
MAFF No.Scientific NameSourceReferenceGene RegionsGenome DataDistribution
302028Pseudomonas marginalisLettuceh16S gyrB rpoB rpoDOrder
302034Pseudomonas marginalisLettuceh16S gyrB rpoB rpoDOrder
302055Pseudomonas marginalisPersian buttercuph16S gyrB rpoB rpoDOrder
302097Pseudomonas marginalisDutch irish16S gyrB rpoB rpoDOrder
302098Pseudomonas marginalisDutch irish16S gyrB rpoB rpoDOrder