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The genetic resources of the NARO Genebank are distributed for research (including breeding) and educational purposes.

How to order

Possible delivery delays due to the COVID-19

We have resumed the distribution of genetic resources to foreign countries on July 21, 2020. However, please make sure that you can receive packages from Japan, as international postal services between Japan and some countries/regions remain suspended. Please check the postal condition in your country/region and Japan.

  1. Please refer to the unit and the handling charge for distribution of genetic resources (Appendix).
  2. Information on genetic resources available in the NARO Genebank can be accessed through our databases.
    Select the genetic resources from the database and click the “Order” button. Upon receiving the online application, we assume that the applicant agrees with all the terms and conditions specified in the MTA (click-wrap agreement).
    • If you could not order through the online system, you may send your application in paper format by FAX, via postal mail, or as attachment files by e-mail. Application Form 1 and signed MTA are necessary.
  3. Follow the necessary process shown on the Login page.
    • The import permit might be necessary for importing genetic resources depending on the country. In that case, please obtain them from your government before ordering, and then indicate them on your order form.
    • If you have a deadline to get the genetic resources, please be aware that some genetic resources require a long time before shipment or are unavailable due to restriction or low germination.
  4. The user will be charged on the basis of the designated fee for the ordered materials.
  5. Payment can be made by BANK TRANSFER only. Cheques and credit card are NOT accepted.
    • The payer may be required to pay extra charges (e.g. bank transfer fee, rerouting fee, foreign currency conversion fee) in addition to the handling charge of genetic resources.
    • The handling charge is calculated based on U.S. dollar and Euro basis at the fixed exchange rate.
      [unit handling charge] (see Appendix) × [the number of ordered items]
    • We will send an invoice with the total amount. Please pay all the bank charges and re-routing fees if necessary.
      • Payment shall be made to the bank account indicated in the invoice.
    • After the payment is confirmed, the ordered items will be sent.
    • Shipment cost is normally borne by the NARO Genebank.

Other Remarks on Distribution of Biological Genetic Resources

  1. If any changes in the information indicated in the “Application for Distribution of Biological Genetic Resources” occur during your research, please inform us by sending the Notice of Changes.
  2. When you finish your research using the genetic resources distributed, please send us the Report on Research Results.



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