Distribution of Plant Genetic Resources


The genetic resources of the NARO Genebank are distributed for research (including breeding) and educational purposes.

How to order

  • We distribute genetic resources for research (including breeding) and educational purposes. Please note that we do not distribute for home garden or hobby use.
  • The genetic resources distributed cannot themselves be the subject of breeders' rights or patents.
  • Genetic resources distributed under the SMTA are restricted to food and agricultural use (not available for pharmaceutical or industrial use).
  • Upon receiving the online application, we assume that the applicant agrees to all the terms and conditions specified in the MTA (click-wrap agreement).

  • Please refer to the Unit quantity and handling charge for distribution of genetic resources.
    • The handling charge is calculated based on U.S. Dollar and Euro basis at the fixed exchange rate.
    • Shipment cost of seeds is normally borne by the NARO Genebank. However, the other forms of genetic resources (e.g., tuber, stolon, plant, bulb, or shoot) are shipped only by freight collect.
    • We do not distribute in forms not listed in this table (e.g., fruit).

Genetic resources for which the “Order” button does not appear in the search results are currently unavailable.

  1. Register your name, affiliation, e-mail address, etc.
    • An e-mail address cannot be shared by more than one person.
  2. A temporary password will be sent to your registered e-mail address. Password can be changed after login.

You can apply for distribution online from the collection search results.
  • Please be sure to confirm the Material Transfer Agreement.
  • If you are a member of an organization, please obtain prior approval from your department head.
  • If you have a deadline to recieve the genetic resources, please be aware that some genetic resources may take a long time to ship or may not be available due to restrictions or low germination.
  • The import permit and/or the phytosanitary certificate might be necessary for importing genetic resources depending on the country. In this case, please obtain them from your government before ordering, and then indicate them on your order form.
  • The ordered items might be available free of charge if your affiliation, purpose and outline of your study meet our requirements.
  • If you belong to a public research or education organization, please indicate it on your order form.
  • If you were unable to order through the online system, you may send your paper application by FAX, mail, or e-mail attachment. Application Form 1 and the signed MTA are required.

After we have confirmed that the plant genetic resources you have requested are available, we will send you an invoice.
  • Payment can only be made by BANK TRANSFER. Cheques and credit cards are NOT accepted. The payer may be required to pay extra charges (e.g. bank transfer fee, rerouting fee, foreign currency conversion fee) in addition to the handling charge of genetic resources.
  • Upon confirmation of payment, the ordered items will be shipped.

Please check the genetic resources as soon as possible after receiving them. Please contact us if there's anything wrong.
  • We do not accept returns for any reason on the part of the user.

  • When you finish your research using the distributed genetic resources, please send us the “Report on Research Results”.
  • If there are any changes in the information provided in the “Application for Distribution of Biological Genetic Resources” during your research, please inform us by sending the “Notice of Changes”.
  • If any changes in the information indicated in the occur during your research, please inform us by sending the Notice of Changes.
  • When you publish your research results, please send us the DOI, URL, or PDF of the paper.


Regarding the Core Collection, only the complete set of varieties specified will be distributed.


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