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Passport data of JP 76588
JP No. (Accession No.)76588
Plant nameAzuki bean (Domesticated)
Scientific nameVigna angularis (Willd.) Ohwi et Ohashi
Cultivar/Accession nameAZUKI NC910019 COL/YAMAGATA/1991/MAFF/019
ImageJP 76588 (Seed)
Collection sourceCollected
Collection No.NC910019
Collection DateOct 24, 1991
Collection siteAshizawa, Obanazawa, Yamagata
Latitude/LongitudeGoogle Maps
Climate data
(WorldClim Ver 2.1)
Annual Mean Temperature: 11℃
Max Temperature of Warmest Month: 28.8℃
Min Temperature of Coldest Month: -4.3℃
Annual Precipitation: 1510 mm
Precipitation of Wettest Month: 159 mm
Precipitation of Driest Month: 85 mm
Year of collection1991
Collection period10/22 - 10/25
Explored regionsAkita and Yamagata Pref.
Target plantsGrain Legumes
CollectorY.Egawa, M.Takeya, K.Sato, K.Shirata (National Institute of Agrobiological Resources), H. Hagiwara (Tohoku National Agricultural Experimental Station)
ReferencesAnnual Reports on Exploration and Introduction of Plant Genetic Resources vol.8
Conservation ID
  • 83337
Form of DistributionSeed
Standard Quantity of distribution20 seeds
Germination percentage96%
Application for distributionOrder
C&E Data (Azuki bean - Conservation ID: 83337)
Main stem length106 (cm)box plot(IBARAKI, 2004)
Number of nodes on main stem20.5box plot(IBARAKI, 2004)
Stem colorGreenbox plot(IBARAKI, 2004)
Pod colorBrownbox plot(IBARAKI, 2004)
Number of seeds per pod10.0box plot(IBARAKI, 2004)
Seed weight13.6 (g)box plot(IBARAKI, 2004)
Seed-coat colorRedbox plot(IBARAKI, 2004)
Flowering dateAug 16(IBARAKI, 2004)
Maturing dateSep 13(IBARAKI, 2004)
Number of branches4.5 (Number per plant)box plot(IBARAKI, 2004)
Flower colorYellowbox plot(IBARAKI, 2004)
Pod length11 (cm)box plot(IBARAKI, 2004)
Seed shapeTapered cylindricalbox plot(IBARAKI, 2004)
Lower leaflet shapeBroadly ovatebox plot(IBARAKI, 2004)
Upper leaflet shapeBroadly ovatebox plot(IBARAKI, 2004)
C&E Data (Azuki bean - Conservation ID: 83337)
Main stem length72 (cm)box plot(AOMORI, 2002)
Number of nodes on main stem17.7box plot(AOMORI, 2002)
Stem colorGreenbox plot(AOMORI, 2002)
Pod colorBrownbox plot(AOMORI, 2002)
Number of seeds per pod7.9box plot(AOMORI, 2002)
Seed weight27.0 (g)box plot(AOMORI, 2002)
Seed-coat colorRedbox plot(AOMORI, 2002)
Flowering dateAug 24(AOMORI, 2002)
Maturing dateOct 26(AOMORI, 2002)
Number of branches2.6 (Number per plant)box plot(AOMORI, 2002)
Degree of pubescenceLowbox plot(AOMORI, 2002)
Flower colorYellowbox plot(AOMORI, 2002)
Pod length11 (cm)box plot(AOMORI, 2002)
Seed shapeCylindricalbox plot(AOMORI, 2002)
Lower leaflet shapeBroadly ovatebox plot(AOMORI, 2002)
Upper leaflet shapeBroadly ovatebox plot(AOMORI, 2002)
C&E Data (Azuki bean - Conservation ID: 83337)
Main stem length62 (cm)box plot(IBARAKI, 1993)
Number of seeds per pod7.0box plot(IBARAKI, 1993)
Seed weight11.6 (g)box plot(IBARAKI, 1993)
Seed-coat colorRedbox plot(IBARAKI, 1993)
Flowering dateAug 12(IBARAKI, 1993)
Maturing dateSep 20(IBARAKI, 1993)
Number of branches4.0 (Number per plant)box plot(IBARAKI, 1993)
Flower colorYellowbox plot(IBARAKI, 1993)
Pod length9 (cm)box plot(IBARAKI, 1993)