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Passport data of JP 71604
JP No. (Accession No.)71604
Plant nameItalian Millet, Foxtail millet
Scientific nameSetaria italica (L.) P.Beauv.
Cultivar/Accession nameAWA NC870213 COL/FUKUSHIMA/1987/MAFF/213
ImageJP 71604 (Seed) JP 71604 (Panicle) JP 71604 (Panicle)
Collection sourceCollected
Collection No.870213
Collection DateNov 6, 1987
Collection siteIdaira, Hinoemata, Fukushima
Latitude/LongitudeGoogle Maps
Climate data
(WorldClim Ver 2.1)
Annual Mean Temperature: 7.2℃
Max Temperature of Warmest Month: 24.5℃
Min Temperature of Coldest Month: -9.4℃
Annual Precipitation: 1809 mm
Precipitation of Wettest Month: 272 mm
Precipitation of Driest Month: 83 mm
Detail of collection sourcefarmstore
Conserved partsseed
Sampling methodPopulation
Year of collection1987
Collection period10/20 - 11/06
Explored regionsFukushima, Gunma and Niigata Pref.
Target plantsCrop landraces
ReferencesAnnual Reports on Exploration and Introduction of Plant Genetic Resources vol.4
Conservation ID
  • 78247
  • 88334
Form of DistributionSeed
Standard Quantity of distribution100 seeds
  • Eda M, Izumitani A, Ichitani K, Kawase M, and Fukunaga K (2013). Geographical variation of foxtail millet, Setaria italica (L.) P. Beauv. based on rDNA PCR-RFLP. Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution 60: 265-274. [10.1007/s10722-012-9832-8]
Germination percentage92%
Application for distributionOrder (Conservation ID: 78247)
C&E Data (Foxtail millet - Conservation ID: 88334)
Leaf sheath colorGreenbox plot(AOMORI, 2005)
Heading timeAug 19(AOMORI, 2005)
Culm thicknessIntermediatebox plot(AOMORI, 2005)
MaturityOct 14(AOMORI, 2005)
Growth period148box plot(AOMORI, 2005)
Panicle shapeSpindlebox plot(AOMORI, 2005)
Culm length83 (cm)box plot(AOMORI, 2005)
Panicle length17 (cm)box plot(AOMORI, 2005)
Number of panicles1box plot(AOMORI, 2005)
Caryopsis shapeRoundbox plot(AOMORI, 2005)
Color of lemma and paleaPale yellowbox plot(AOMORI, 2005)
Flag leaf timeAug 16(AOMORI, 2005)
Flowering timeAug 22(AOMORI, 2005)
Flag leaf length31.1 (cm)box plot(AOMORI, 2005)
Flag leaf width22 (mm)box plot(AOMORI, 2005)
Number of tillers1box plot(AOMORI, 2005)
Number of higher branches on the main culm0(AOMORI, 2005)
Bristle lengthLongbox plot(AOMORI, 2005)
1000-grain weight2.4 (g)box plot(AOMORI, 2005)
Color of dehusked grainsYellowbox plot(AOMORI, 2005)
Length of grain1.9 (mm)box plot(AOMORI, 2005)
Length of grain1.7 (mm)box plot(AOMORI, 2005)
C&E Data (Foxtail millet - Conservation ID: 78247)
Leaf sheath colorGreenbox plot(AOMORI, 2004)
Heading timeAug 11(AOMORI, 2004)
Culm thicknessIntermediatebox plot(AOMORI, 2004)
MaturityOct 12(AOMORI, 2004)
Growth period152box plot(AOMORI, 2004)
Panicle shapeWhip shapebox plot(AOMORI, 2004)
Culm length188 (cm)box plot(AOMORI, 2004)
Panicle length30 (cm)box plot(AOMORI, 2004)
Number of panicles1box plot(AOMORI, 2004)
Caryopsis shapeRoundbox plot(AOMORI, 2004)
Color of lemma and paleaYellowbox plot(AOMORI, 2004)
Flag leaf timeAug 10(AOMORI, 2004)
Flowering timeAug 16(AOMORI, 2004)
Flag leaf length48.8 (cm)box plot(AOMORI, 2004)
Flag leaf width31 (mm)box plot(AOMORI, 2004)
Number of tillers1box plot(AOMORI, 2004)
Number of higher branches on the main culm1box plot(AOMORI, 2004)
Bristle lengthLongbox plot(AOMORI, 2004)
1000-grain weight2.5 (g)box plot(AOMORI, 2004)
Color of dehusked grainsYellowbox plot(AOMORI, 2004)
Length of grain1.9 (mm)box plot(AOMORI, 2004)
Length of grain1.6 (mm)box plot(AOMORI, 2004)
C&E Data (Foxtail millet - Conservation ID: 88334)
Leaf sheath colorGreenbox plot(AOMORI, 1997)
Heading timeAug 8(AOMORI, 1997)
Culm thicknessIntermediatebox plot(AOMORI, 1997)
MaturitySep 26(AOMORI, 1997)
Growth period165box plot(AOMORI, 1997)
Panicle shapeCylindricalbox plot(AOMORI, 1997)
Culm length110 (cm)box plot(AOMORI, 1997)
Panicle length29 (cm)box plot(AOMORI, 1997)
Number of panicles3box plot(AOMORI, 1997)
Caryopsis shapeIntermediatebox plot(AOMORI, 1997)
Color of lemma and paleaYellowish brownbox plot(AOMORI, 1997)
Flag leaf timeJul 31(AOMORI, 1997)
Flowering timeAug 13(AOMORI, 1997)
Flag leaf length50.0 (cm)box plot(AOMORI, 1997)
Flag leaf width34 (mm)box plot(AOMORI, 1997)
Number of tillers3box plot(AOMORI, 1997)
Number of higher branches on the main culm1box plot(AOMORI, 1997)
Bristle lengthShortbox plot(AOMORI, 1997)
1000-grain weight2.3 (g)box plot(AOMORI, 1997)
Color of dehusked grainsYellowish whitebox plot(AOMORI, 1997)
Length of grain1.9 (mm)box plot(AOMORI, 1997)
Length of grain1.7 (mm)box plot(AOMORI, 1997)