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Passport data of JP 49470
JP No. (Accession No.)49470
Plant nameSorghum
Scientific nameSorghum bicolor (L.) Moench subsp. bicolor
Cultivar/Accession nameKOUCHI OUKAWA ZAIRAI
Collection sourceIntroduced
Recieved date1980
Previous donorChugoku Agricultural Experiment Station
Conservation ID
  • 54763
Form of DistributionSeed
Standard Quantity of distribution50 seeds
Germination percentage84%
Application for distributionOrder
C&E Data (Sorghum - Conservation ID: 54763)
Culm length179 (cm)box plot(TOCHIGI, 2002)
Number of tillers1.1 (Number/plant)box plot(TOCHIGI, 2002)
Panicle length34.4 (cm)box plot(TOCHIGI, 2002)
Panicle shapeSpindlebox plot(TOCHIGI, 2002)
Panicle typeOpenbox plot(TOCHIGI, 2002)
Grain density on panicleIntermediatebox plot(TOCHIGI, 2002)
Date of headingSep 3(TOCHIGI, 2002)
Date of maturityOct 25(TOCHIGI, 2002)
Diameter of culm18.9 (mm)box plot(TOCHIGI, 2002)
Leaf length78 (cm)box plot(TOCHIGI, 2002)
Leaf width84.4 (mm)box plot(TOCHIGI, 2002)
C&E Data (Sorghum - Conservation ID: 54763)
Culm length214 (cm)box plot(KUMAMOTO, 2000)
Number of tillers1.6 (Number/plant)box plot(KUMAMOTO, 2000)
Panicle length31.7 (cm)box plot(KUMAMOTO, 2000)
Grain weight per panicle21.2 (g)box plot(KUMAMOTO, 2000)
Panicle shapeConebox plot(KUMAMOTO, 2000)
Panicle typeOpenbox plot(KUMAMOTO, 2000)
Grain density on panicleDensebox plot(KUMAMOTO, 2000)
Grain colorReddish brownbox plot(KUMAMOTO, 2000)
Date of headingAug 3(KUMAMOTO, 2000)
Date of maturitySep 2(KUMAMOTO, 2000)
Diameter of culm20.7 (mm)box plot(KUMAMOTO, 2000)
Leaf length87 (cm)box plot(KUMAMOTO, 2000)
Leaf width9.0 (mm)box plot(KUMAMOTO, 2000)
C&E Data (Sorghum - Conservation ID: 54763)
Culm length209 (cm)box plot(HIROSHIMA, 1994)
Panicle length30.0 (cm)box plot(HIROSHIMA, 1994)
Panicle shapeSpindlebox plot(HIROSHIMA, 1994)
Date of headingAug 20(HIROSHIMA, 1994)
Diameter of culm21.0 (mm)box plot(HIROSHIMA, 1994)
Leaf length61 (cm)box plot(HIROSHIMA, 1994)
Leaf width70.0 (mm)box plot(HIROSHIMA, 1994)
Leaf blight resistanceExtremely highbox plot(HIROSHIMA, 1994)
Zonate leaf spot resistanceSlightly highbox plot(HIROSHIMA, 1994)