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Passport data of JP 43705
JP No. (Accession No.)43705
Plant nameSorghum
Scientific nameSorghum bicolor (L.) Moench subsp. bicolor
Cultivar/Accession nameAS 4136 MASAKA LUWEMEA PE 956 005 IS 1269
ImageJP 43705 (All plant)
Collection sourceIntroduced
Recieved date1971
Conservation ID
  • 48476
Form of DistributionSeed
Standard Quantity of distribution50 seeds
Germination percentage96%
Application for distributionOrder
C&E Data (Sorghum - Conservation ID: 48476, Sown on May 2, 2023)
Culm length153 (cm)box plot(KUMAMOTO, 2023)
Number of tillers0.0 (Number/plant)box plot(KUMAMOTO, 2023)
Panicle length23.8 (cm)box plot(KUMAMOTO, 2023)
Panicle shapeCylinderbox plot(KUMAMOTO, 2023)
Grain colorReddish brownbox plot(KUMAMOTO, 2023)
Date of headingJul 17, 2023(KUMAMOTO, 2023)
Diameter of culm17.1 (mm)box plot(KUMAMOTO, 2023)
Leaf length64 (cm)box plot(KUMAMOTO, 2023)
Leaf width80.2 (mm)box plot(KUMAMOTO, 2023)
Weight of 1000 grains22.0 (g)box plot(KUMAMOTO, 2023)
Panicle typeCompactbox plot(KUMAMOTO, 2023)
Grain density on panicleDensebox plot(KUMAMOTO, 2023)
Quantity of lipid white powder on stems and sheathsMuchbox plot(KUMAMOTO, 2023)
Angle between leaf and stemSlightly largebox plot(KUMAMOTO, 2023)
Color of midribLight greenbox plot(KUMAMOTO, 2023)
Number of panicles1.0 (Number/plant)box plot(KUMAMOTO, 2023)
Neck length of panicleShortbox plot(KUMAMOTO, 2023)
Awn presenceAbsentbox plot(KUMAMOTO, 2023)
Glume colorYellowbox plot(KUMAMOTO, 2023)
PolyembryonyAbsentbox plot(KUMAMOTO, 2023)
Grain shapeEggbox plot(KUMAMOTO, 2023)
Growth in early stageSlightly poorbox plot(KUMAMOTO, 2023)
Stem juicinessJuicybox plot(KUMAMOTO, 2023)
HullabilityIntermediatebox plot(KUMAMOTO, 2023)
Ease of removing glumesEasybox plot(KUMAMOTO, 2023)
Number of regenerated tillersAlmost nonebox plot(KUMAMOTO, 2023)
RegrowthExtremely poorbox plot(KUMAMOTO, 2023)
Lodging resistanceHighbox plot(KUMAMOTO, 2023)
PerennialityAnnualbox plot(KUMAMOTO, 2023)
Leaf blight resistanceHighbox plot(KUMAMOTO, 2023)
Leaf-sheath blight resistanceIntermediatebox plot(KUMAMOTO, 2023)
Bacterial stripe resistanceSlightly highbox plot(KUMAMOTO, 2023)
Zonate leaf spot resistanceIntermediatebox plot(KUMAMOTO, 2023)
Target spot resistanceSlightly highbox plot(KUMAMOTO, 2023)
Rust resistanceSlightly highbox plot(KUMAMOTO, 2023)
Anthracnose resistanceIntermediatebox plot(KUMAMOTO, 2023)
Aphid resistanceSlightly lowbox plot(KUMAMOTO, 2023)
Bird resistanceExtremely lowbox plot(KUMAMOTO, 2023)
C&E Data (Sorghum - Conservation ID: 48476, Sown on May 23, 2019)
Culm length145 (cm)box plot(IBARAKI, 2019)
Number of tillers1.0 (Number/plant)box plot(IBARAKI, 2019)
Panicle length26.0 (cm)box plot(IBARAKI, 2019)
Panicle shapeCylinderbox plot(IBARAKI, 2019)
Grain colorOrangebox plot(IBARAKI, 2019)
Date of headingAug 12, 2019(IBARAKI, 2019)
Diameter of culm12.8 (mm)box plot(IBARAKI, 2019)
Leaf length64 (cm)box plot(IBARAKI, 2019)
Leaf width76.8 (mm)box plot(IBARAKI, 2019)
Weight of 1000 grains26.5 (g)box plot(IBARAKI, 2019)
Grain weight per panicle36.3 (g)box plot(IBARAKI, 2019)
Panicle typeCompactbox plot(IBARAKI, 2019)
Grain density on panicleDensebox plot(IBARAKI, 2019)
Date of maturitySep 10, 2019(IBARAKI, 2019)
Coleoptile colorMixedbox plot(IBARAKI, 2019)
Awn presenceAbsentbox plot(IBARAKI, 2019)
Glume colorReddish brownbox plot(IBARAKI, 2019)
Grain shapeOvalbox plot(IBARAKI, 2019)
Stem juicinessJuicybox plot(IBARAKI, 2019)
Endosperm typeNon-glutinousbox plot(IBARAKI, 2019)
Fresh foliage yield of first harvest294 (kg/a)box plot(IBARAKI, 2019)
Fresh head yield of first harvest90 (kg/a)box plot(IBARAKI, 2019)
Total fresh yield of first harvest384 (kg/a)box plot(IBARAKI, 2019)
Dry matter ratio of foliage at the first harvest21.5 (%)box plot(IBARAKI, 2019)
Dry matter ratio of head of first harvest61.9 (%)box plot(IBARAKI, 2019)
Dry matter yield of foliage of first harvest63.3 (kg/a)box plot(IBARAKI, 2019)
Dry matter yield of head of first harvest55.5 (kg/a)box plot(IBARAKI, 2019)
Total dry matter yield of first harvest118.8 (kg/a)box plot(IBARAKI, 2019)
Sugar content of stem at the first harvest4.0 (%)box plot(IBARAKI, 2019)
C&E Data (Sorghum - Conservation ID: 48476, Sown on May 9, 2017)
Culm length167 (cm)box plot(IBARAKI, 2017)
Number of tillers1.0 (Number/plant)box plot(IBARAKI, 2017)
Panicle length30.8 (cm)box plot(IBARAKI, 2017)
Panicle shapeSpindlebox plot(IBARAKI, 2017)
Date of headingAug 2, 2017(IBARAKI, 2017)
Diameter of culm19.6 (mm)box plot(IBARAKI, 2017)
Leaf length70 (cm)box plot(IBARAKI, 2017)
Leaf width106.0 (mm)box plot(IBARAKI, 2017)
Grain weight per panicle68.4 (g)box plot(IBARAKI, 2017)
Panicle typeCompactbox plot(IBARAKI, 2017)
Grain density on panicleVery densebox plot(IBARAKI, 2017)
Date of maturitySep 7, 2017(IBARAKI, 2017)
Coleoptile colorGreenbox plot(IBARAKI, 2017)
Awn presenceAbsentbox plot(IBARAKI, 2017)
Glume colorReddish brownbox plot(IBARAKI, 2017)
Stem juicinessJuicybox plot(IBARAKI, 2017)
Fresh foliage yield of first harvest675 (kg/a)box plot(IBARAKI, 2017)
Fresh head yield of first harvest20 (kg/a)box plot(IBARAKI, 2017)
Total fresh yield of first harvest695 (kg/a)box plot(IBARAKI, 2017)
Dry matter ratio of foliage at the first harvest20.9 (%)box plot(IBARAKI, 2017)
Dry matter ratio of head of first harvest57.5 (%)box plot(IBARAKI, 2017)
Dry matter yield of foliage of first harvest141.1 (kg/a)box plot(IBARAKI, 2017)
Dry matter yield of head of first harvest11.5 (kg/a)box plot(IBARAKI, 2017)
Total dry matter yield of first harvest152.6 (kg/a)box plot(IBARAKI, 2017)
Yearly total fresh yield695 (kg/a)box plot(IBARAKI, 2017)
Annual dry matter yield152.6 (kg/a)box plot(IBARAKI, 2017)
Sugar content of stem at the first harvest14.7 (%)box plot(IBARAKI, 2017)
C&E Data (Sorghum - Conservation ID: 48476, PGRAsia)
Culm length106 (cm)box plot(LAOS, 2016)
Number of tillers1.0 (Number/plant)box plot(LAOS, 2016)
Panicle length28.0 (cm)box plot(LAOS, 2016)
Panicle shapeSpindlebox plot(LAOS, 2016)
Grain colorOrangebox plot(LAOS, 2016)
Date of headingMar 1, 2017(LAOS, 2016)
Diameter of culm15.8 (mm)box plot(LAOS, 2016)
Leaf length64 (cm)box plot(LAOS, 2016)
Leaf width86.8 (mm)box plot(LAOS, 2016)
Grain weight per panicle44.6 (g)box plot(LAOS, 2016)
Panicle typeCompactbox plot(LAOS, 2016)
Grain density on panicleDensebox plot(LAOS, 2016)
Date of maturityApr 10, 2017(LAOS, 2016)
C&E Data (Sorghum - Conservation ID: 48476, Sown on May 14, 2007)
Culm length167 (cm)box plot(NAGANO, 2007)
Number of tillers0 (Number/plant)box plot(NAGANO, 2007)
Panicle length29.7 (cm)box plot(NAGANO, 2007)
Grain weight per panicle48 (g)box plot(NAGANO, 2007)
Panicle shapeCylinderbox plot(NAGANO, 2007)
Panicle typeIntermediatebox plot(NAGANO, 2007)
Grain density on panicleIntermediatebox plot(NAGANO, 2007)
Grain colorOrangebox plot(NAGANO, 2007)
Date of headingAug 17(NAGANO, 2007)
Date of maturitySep 10(NAGANO, 2007)
Diameter of culm23.8 (mm)box plot(NAGANO, 2007)
Leaf length60 (cm)box plot(NAGANO, 2007)
Leaf width96.9 (mm)box plot(NAGANO, 2007)