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Passport data of JP 222613
JP No. (Accession No.)222613
Plant nameItalian Millet, Foxtail millet
Scientific nameSetaria italica (L.) P.Beauv.
Cultivar/Accession name77-10-7-9 MK92-206
ImageJP 222613 (Panicle) JP 222613 (Panicle) JP 222613 (Panicle) JP 222613 (Panicle)
Collection sourceIntroduced
Remarkslow amylose(IX)
Collection DateMay 23, 1977
Collection siteLan Hsu Islands, Taiwan
Explored regionsunknown
Previous donorPGPI (collected by K. Moriguchi)
Conservation ID
  • 126564
Form of DistributionSeed
Standard Quantity of distribution100 seeds
  • Eda M, Izumitani A, Ichitani K, Kawase M, and Fukunaga K (2013). Geographical variation of foxtail millet, Setaria italica (L.) P. Beauv. based on rDNA PCR-RFLP. Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution 60: 265-274. [10.1007/s10722-012-9832-8]
Germination percentage90%
Application for distributionOrder