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Details of MAFF 243022
MAFF No.243022
Scientific nameColletotrichum scovillei Damm, P. F. Cannon et Crous (CASC)
Reidentified byT. Sato (Updated: Jan 2013)
Deposited asColletotrichum sp.
IdentifierJ. Moriwaki
SourceCapsicum annuum L. var. grossum Sendt.
Site on the sourcefruit
Isolation dateJun 2011
IsolatorJ. Moriwaki
DepositorJ. Moriwaki
MediumModified Weitzman-Silva-Huntner Agar (Oatmeal 10.0g, KH2PO4 1.0g, MgSO4・7H2O 1.0g, NaNO3 1.0g, Agar 20.0g) pH 非調整
HazardPathogenic (plant)
SequenceActin CHS-1 GPDH H3 ITS β-tubulin
PhotoMicrograph Plate, face Plate, reverse Symptom, etc.
  • Kanto, T., Uematsu, S., Tsukamoto, T., Moriwaki, J., Yamagishi, N., Usami, T. and Sato, T. (2014). Anthracnose of sweet pepper caused by Colletotrichum scovillei in Japan. Journal of General Plant Pathology 80(1): 73-78. [10.1007/s10327-013-0496-9]
  • Sato, T. and Moriwaki, J. (2013). Molecular re-identification of strains in NIAS Genebank belonging to phylogenetic groups A2 and A4 of the Colletotrichum acutatum species complex. Microbial Resources and Systematics (Microbiology and Culture Collections) 29(1): 13-23. []
Application for distributionOrder