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Details of MAFF 239641
MAFF No.239641
Scientific nameKatumotoa bambusicola Kaz. Tanaka et Y. Harada
Taxonomic status(ex) Type strain
Validation✔The current name marked was taxonomically verified by NARO Genebank.
IdentifierK. Tanaka
SourceSasa kurilensis (Rupr.) Makino et Shibata
Site on the sourceculm, stalk
Isolation dateOct 2003
IsolatorK. Tanaka
DepositorY. Harada
Also deposited inJapan Collection of Microorganisms, RIKEN JCM 13131
MediumV-8 Agar (V-8 juice 300ml, CaCO3 4.5g, Agar 15.0g, Distilled water 800ml)
PhotoPlate, face Plate, reverse
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