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MAFF No.235745
Scientific nameCurvularia inaequalis (Shear) Boedijn
Validation✔The current name marked was taxonomically verified by NARO Genebank.
Reidentified byT. Aoki (Updated: Jan 2017)
Deposited asCurvularia geniculata (Tracy et Earle) Boedijn
IdentifierM. Tsuda
SourceZoysia tenuifolia Willd. ex Trin.
Site on the sourceleaf and stem
Comments on isolationplant tissue isolate
Isolation dateApr 1991
IsolatorT. Kobayashi
DepositorT. Kobayashi
DesignationT. Kobayashi 2-(6)
MediumPotato dextrose agar (hand made) (Potato 200g for decoction, Glucose 20g, Agar 17-20g, Distilled water 1000ml)
HazardPathogenic (plant)
PhotoMicrograph Plate, face Plate, reverse
ReferenceYanagihara, M., Kawasaki, M., Ishizaki, H., Anzawa, K., Udagawa, S.-i., Mochizuki, T., Sato, Y., Tachikawa, N. and Hanakawa, H. (2010). Tiny keratotic brown lesions on the interdigital web between the toes of a healthy man caused by Curvularia species infection and a review of cutaneous Curvularia infections. Mycoscience 51(3): 224-233. [10.1007/s10267-009-0030-2]