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Details of MAFF 103038
MAFF No.103038
Scientific nameFusarium nirenbergiae L. Lombard et Crous
Reidentified byT. Aoki (Updated: Jun 2020)
SubclassificationRace 2
SynonymFusarium oxysporum Schlechtendal sensu lato
Deposited asFusarium oxysporum Schlechtendal f. sp. lycopersici W.C. Snyder et H.N. Hansen
IdentifierK. Kuniyasu
SourceLycopersicon esculentum Mill.
Site on the sourceroot
Isolation dateJul 1988
IsolatorK. Kuniyasu
DepositorK. Kuniyasu
MediumPotato Sucrose Agar (Potato 200.0g for decoction, Sucrose 20.0g, Agar 17.0-20.0g, Distilled water 1000ml) pH 7.0
HazardPathogenic (plant)
PropertyPathogenicity (Tomato Fusarium wilt)
SequenceEF1-α H3
PhotoPlate, face Plate, reverse
  • Dissanayake, M.L.M.C., Kashima, R., Tanaka, S. and Ito, S.-i. (2009). Genetic diversity and pathogenicity of Fusarium oxysporum isolated from wilted welsh onion in Japan. Journal of General Plant Pathology 75(2): 125-130. [10.1007/s10327-009-0152-6]
  • Ito, S., Kawaguchi, T., Nagata, A., Tamura, H., Matsushita, H., Takahara, H., Tanaka, S. and Ikeda, T. (2004). Distribution of the FoToml gene encoding tomatinase in formae speciales of Fusarium oxysporum and identification of a novel tomatinase from F. oxysporum f. sp. radicis-lycopersici, the causal agent of Fusarium crown and root rot of tomato. Journal of General Plant Pathology 70(4): 195-201. [10.1007/s10327-004-0115-x]
  • Kashiwa, T., Inami, K., Fujinaga, M., Ogiso, H., Yoshida, T., Teraoka, T. and Arie, T. (2013). An avirulence gene homologue in the tomato wilt fungus Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. lycopersici race 1 functions as a virulence gene in the cabbage yellows fungus F. oxysporum f. sp. conglutinans. Journal of General Plant Pathology 79(6): 412-421. [10.1007/s10327-013-0471-5]
  • Kawabe, M., Katsube, K., Yoshida, T., Arie, T. and Tsuchiya, K. (2007). Genetic diversity of Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. spinaciae in Japan based on phylogenetic analyses of rDNA-IGS and Mat1 sequences. Journal of General Plant Pathology 73(5): 353-359. [10.1007/s10327-007-0036-6]
  • Kawabe, M., Kobayashi, Y., Okada, G., Yamaguchi, I., Teraoka, T. and Arie, T. (2005). Three evolutionary lineages of tomato wilt pathogen, Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. lycopersici, based on sequences of IGS, MAT1, and pg1, are each composed of isolates of single mating type and a single or closely related vegetative compatibility group. Journal of General Plant Pathology 71(4): 263-272. [10.1007/s10327-005-0203-6]
  • Shin-ichi KAWAKAMI (2010). Growth-suppressing effects of dictyostelid cellular slime molds against phytopathogenic bacteria and fungi. Annual Report on Exploration and Introduction of Microbial Genetic Resources 23: 27-33. []
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