Database of Plant Diseases in Japan

Details of Rice White tip
Host plant
  • Rice
Disease nameWhite tip
Disease name (Japanese)
  • 心枯線虫病 [shingare-sencku-byo]
  • Aphelenchoides besseyi Christie
Pathogen/Cause (synonym)
  • Aphelenchoides oryzae Yokoo
  • 角田鷹次郎:病虫雑 2(3):214, 1915(大4)
  • 田中一郎・内田重義:病虫雑 28(3):193, 1941(昭16)
  • 吉井 甫:農及園 19(11):981, 1944(昭19)
  • 横尾多美男:日植病報 13(1-2):40, 1948
  • 西澤 務・弥富喜三:日植病報 20(1):33, 1955
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