Database of Plant Diseases in Japan

Details of Rice Bacterial leaf blight
Host plant
  • Rice
Disease nameBacterial leaf blight
Disease name (Japanese)
  • 白葉枯病 [shirahagare-byo]
  • Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzae (Ishiyama 1922) Swings, Van den Mooter, Vauterin, Hoste, Gillis, Mew & Kersters 1990
Pathogen/Cause (synonym)
  • Pseudomonas oryzae Uyeda & Ishiyama
  • 西田藤次:農事雑報 11(127):68, 1908(明41)
  • 石山信一:農事試報告 45:232, 1922(大11)
Related hosts1251 plants
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