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Search criteria

Search criteria
  1. Crop group
    Search by group such as “Rice” or “Mulberry”. (Multiple selectable)
  2. JP No.
    Search by ID called “JP Number”. Range specification using comma(or) and hyphen(between) is available. (e.g. 78976, 85564-85576).
  3. Conservation ID
    Search by Conservation ID (a unique accession ID identifying each accession and associated conservation site). Range specification using comma(or) and hyphen(between) is available. (e.g. 45000917-45000935, 45003149).
  4. Cultivar name
    Search by Cultivar/Accession name. The Auto-Completer suggests possible matches for entries you typed in this field. Multiple selection using comma and partial match options are available too. (e.g. SASANISHIKI [Prefix match] / NOURIN [Partial match]).
    • Perfect match: Completely consistent with...
    • Prefix match: Starting with...
    • Suffix match: Ending with...
    • Partial match: Including...
  5. Scientific name
    Search by scientific name. The Auto-Completer, multiple selection and partial match options are available. (e.g. Setaria, Echinochloa [Prefix match]).
  6. Origin
    Search by countries/regions of orgin. Individual specification (clicking while holding down the ctrl key) and range specification (clicking while holding down the shift key) are available.
  7. Status
    Search by status such as “Wild” and “Landrace”. (Multiple selectable)
  8. Source
    Search by source such as “Introduced” and “Collected”. (Multiple selectable)
  9. Options
    Add other options to search criteria.
  10. Search (Access Key: S)
    Query the database. Each search criteria is joined by “AND” (set intersection). Empty fields will be ignored.
    In the above-graphed case, search for crop group is “Wheat and barley” and scientific name starts with “Triticum” and status is “Wild” or “Landrace” and source is “Collected”.
  11. Reset (Access Key: R)
    Reset search criteria.

Search criteria (Evaluation Data Queries)

In Evaluation Data Queries, you can also search accessions based on evaluation data such as maturity date, plant height and 1000 grain weight.

Search criteria (Evaluation Data Queries)

  1. Numeric data
    You can specify the range of search values by filling the text boxes. In the above-graphed case, search for panicle length is longer than 22.5cm.
  2. Date data
    Similar to the Numeric data, but entry format will be mm/dd. In the above-graphed case, search for Heading date is between July 1 and July 20.
  3. Classified data
    Same as “Status” or “Source”, search for checked.
  4. Overview
    Minimum, maximum, average and median value is shown for Numeric data and mode is shown for Date data. Bar/Pie chart is also available on items with graph icon.

Search result

Search result
  1. Total number of search results.
  2. You can download the result of your search as xls file up to 1000 items.
  3. The pager will appear when search result has more than 25 items. Pager is controllable by using the cursor keys and enter key.
  4. The essential data shown in tabular form. You can sort results in ascending order by clicking the column header.
  5. Detailed information will appear when you click the JP number. If you would like to open in a new window/tab for printing purpose, please click JP number while holding down the Shift/Ctrl key or use right-click menu.
  6. The internal window shows detailed information. This window is movable by dragging the title bar.
  7. Close the internal window. Internal windows will be closed by reloading the whole page.
  8. Resize the internal window.