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Search criteria

Plant diseases can be retrieved according to host plant, disease name and pathogen/cause. The Auto-Completer suggests possible matches for entries you typed in each fields. Multiple selection using comma and partial match options are available too.

  • Perfect match: Completely consistent with...
  • Prefix match: Starting with...
  • Suffix match: Ending with...
  • Partial match: Including...

Example 1: Search for plant disease its host starts with “rice” and disease name includes “leaf”.
Search criteria

Example 2: Search for plant disease its host starts with “cherry” and pathogen starts with “Nectria” or “Agrobacterium”.
Search criteria

Search result

Search result
  1. Total number of search results.
  2. You can download the result of your search as xls file up to 1000 items.
  3. The pager will appear when search result has more than 25 items. Pager is controllable by using the cursor keys and enter key.
  4. The essential data shown in tabular form. You can sort results in ascending order by clicking the column header.
  5. Detailed information will appear when you click the Disease name. If you want to open it in a new window[tab], please click while holding down the Shift[Ctrl] key or drag and drop the Disease name into the tab bar.
    • †: Exotic plant disease reported by Japanese researcher.
    • ††: Exotic plant disease presented to Japan in reviews or abstracts.
    • †††: Exotic plant disease found in import quarantine inspection.
    • ††††: Plant disease without name and/or adequate descriptions.
  6. The internal window shows detailed information. This window is movable by dragging the title bar.
  7. Close the internal window. Internal windows will be closed by reloading the whole page.
  8. Resize the internal window.