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Passport data of JP 4854
JP No. (Accession No.)4854
Plant nameUpland rice
Scientific nameOryza sativa L.
Cultivar/Accession nameMUTSUKI
OriginJAPAN (Unspecified)
Collection sourceIntroduced
Previous donorUndefined organization
Conservation ID
  • 4921
  • 5368
Form of DistributionSeed
Standard Quantity of distribution50 seeds
Germination percentage92%
Application for distributionOrder (Conservation ID: 5368)
C&E Data (Rice - Conservation ID: 5368, Sown on Jun 8, 2021)
Field resistance to leaf blastSlightly lowbox plot(AKITA, 2021)
C&E Data (Rice - Conservation ID: 5368)
Resistance to brown planthoppersLowbox plot(IBARAKI, 2021)
C&E Data (Rice - Conservation ID: 4921, Sown on Apr 2, 2019)
Culm length97 (cm)box plot(IBARAKI, 2019)
Panicle length17.8 (cm)box plot(IBARAKI, 2019)
Number of panicles13.0 (Number per plant)box plot(IBARAKI, 2019)
Apiculus colorLight purplebox plot(IBARAKI, 2019)
Grain length6.5 (mm)box plot(IBARAKI, 2019)
Grain width3.4 (mm)box plot(IBARAKI, 2019)
Brown rice length4.7 (mm)box plot(IBARAKI, 2019)
Brown rice width3.0 (mm)box plot(IBARAKI, 2019)
Endosperm typeNon-glutinousbox plot(IBARAKI, 2019)
Heading dateJul 14, 2019(IBARAKI, 2019)
Lemma and palea colorYellowbox plot(IBARAKI, 2019)
Presence of awnAbsentbox plot(IBARAKI, 2019)
C&E Data (Rice - Conservation ID: 5368)
Culm length80 (cm)box plot(IBARAKI, 2009)
Panicle length21.2 (cm)box plot(IBARAKI, 2009)
Number of panicles8.4 (Number per plant)box plot(IBARAKI, 2009)
Apiculus colorRed brownbox plot(IBARAKI, 2009)
Grain length6.9 (mm)box plot(IBARAKI, 2009)
Grain width3.6 (mm)box plot(IBARAKI, 2009)
Brown rice length5.0 (mm)box plot(IBARAKI, 2009)
Brown rice width3.1 (mm)box plot(IBARAKI, 2009)
Endosperm typeNon-glutinousbox plot(IBARAKI, 2009)
Heading dateJul 24(IBARAKI, 2009)
Lemma and palea colorReddish yellow to orangebox plot(IBARAKI, 2009)
Presence of awnAbsentbox plot(IBARAKI, 2009)
C&E Data (Rice - Conservation ID: 4921)
Culm length95 (cm)box plot(IBARAKI, 2002)
Panicle length23.8 (cm)box plot(IBARAKI, 2002)
Number of panicles17.0 (Number per plant)box plot(IBARAKI, 2002)
Apiculus colorPurplebox plot(IBARAKI, 2002)
Grain length6.3 (mm)box plot(IBARAKI, 2002)
Grain width3.2 (mm)box plot(IBARAKI, 2002)
Brown rice length4.6 (mm)box plot(IBARAKI, 2002)
Brown rice width3.0 (mm)box plot(IBARAKI, 2002)
Heading dateJul 30(IBARAKI, 2002)
Presence of awnAbsentbox plot(IBARAKI, 2002)
C&E Data (Rice - Conservation ID: 4921, Sown on Apr 17, 2000)
Culm length65 (cm)box plot(IBARAKI, 2000)
Panicle length20.2 (cm)box plot(IBARAKI, 2000)
Number of panicles6.6 (Number per plant)box plot(IBARAKI, 2000)
Heading dateAug 3(IBARAKI, 2000)
Drought resistanceIntermediatebox plot(IBARAKI, 2000)
Low temperature germinabilityIntermediatebox plot(IBARAKI, 2000)
C&E Data (Rice - Conservation ID: 4921)
Culm length91 (cm)box plot(NIIGATA, 1999)
Panicle length19.0 (cm)box plot(NIIGATA, 1999)
Number of panicles12.2 (Number per plant)box plot(NIIGATA, 1999)
Apiculus colorRed brownbox plot(NIIGATA, 1999)
Grain length6.4 (mm)box plot(NIIGATA, 1999)
Grain width3.4 (mm)box plot(NIIGATA, 1999)
Brown rice length5.0 (mm)box plot(NIIGATA, 1999)
Brown rice width3.1 (mm)box plot(NIIGATA, 1999)
Endosperm typeNon-glutinousbox plot(NIIGATA, 1999)
Heading dateJul 22(NIIGATA, 1999)
Lemma and palea colorStrawbox plot(NIIGATA, 1999)
Presence of awnExtremely scarcebox plot(NIIGATA, 1999)
Awn lengthVery shortbox plot(NIIGATA, 1999)
Culm thicknessSlightly thinbox plot(NIIGATA, 1999)
Culm hardnessHardbox plot(NIIGATA, 1999)
Field resistance to leaf blastIntermediatebox plot(NIIGATA, 1999)
ViviparityVery lowbox plot(NIIGATA, 1999)
1,000 grain weight17.6 (g)box plot(NIIGATA, 1999)
Panicle threshabilitySlightly hardbox plot(NIIGATA, 1999)
Grain appearanceGoodbox plot(NIIGATA, 1999)
Grain lusterVery lowbox plot(NIIGATA, 1999)
Amount of white belly grainsHighbox plot(NIIGATA, 1999)
Amount of white core in grainsManybox plot(NIIGATA, 1999)
C&E Data (Rice - Conservation ID: 4921)
Culm length91 (cm)box plot(IBARAKI, 1995)
Panicle length23.6 (cm)box plot(IBARAKI, 1995)
Number of panicles16.0 (Number per plant)box plot(IBARAKI, 1995)
Apiculus colorRedbox plot(IBARAKI, 1995)
Heading dateJul 31(IBARAKI, 1995)
Lemma and palea colorBrownbox plot(IBARAKI, 1995)
Presence of awnExtremely scarcebox plot(IBARAKI, 1995)
Awn lengthVery shortbox plot(IBARAKI, 1995)
C&E Data (Rice - Conservation ID: 5368)
Culm length107 (cm)box plot(FUKUOKA, 1995)
Panicle length19.6 (cm)box plot(FUKUOKA, 1995)
Number of panicles7.1 (Number per plant)box plot(FUKUOKA, 1995)
Apiculus colorRedbox plot(FUKUOKA, 1995)
Grain length7.0 (mm)box plot(FUKUOKA, 1995)
Grain width3.3 (mm)box plot(FUKUOKA, 1995)
Brown rice length4.9 (mm)box plot(FUKUOKA, 1995)
Brown rice width2.9 (mm)box plot(FUKUOKA, 1995)
Endosperm typeNon-glutinousbox plot(FUKUOKA, 1995)
Heading dateAug 9(FUKUOKA, 1995)
Lemma and palea colorYellowbox plot(FUKUOKA, 1995)
Presence of awnAbsentbox plot(FUKUOKA, 1995)
Lodging toleranceSlightly lowbox plot(FUKUOKA, 1995)
C&E Data (Rice - Conservation ID: 5368)
Culm length77 (cm)box plot(NIIGATA, 1977)
Panicle length20.0 (cm)box plot(NIIGATA, 1977)
Number of panicles7.0 (Number per plant)box plot(NIIGATA, 1977)
Apiculus colorLight redbox plot(NIIGATA, 1977)
Brown rice length4.9 (mm)box plot(NIIGATA, 1977)
Brown rice width3.1 (mm)box plot(NIIGATA, 1977)
Endosperm typeNon-glutinousbox plot(NIIGATA, 1977)
Heading dateJul 29(NIIGATA, 1977)
Lemma and palea colorYellowbox plot(NIIGATA, 1977)
Presence of awnScarcebox plot(NIIGATA, 1977)
Plant typeRather panicle weight typebox plot(NIIGATA, 1977)
Culm thicknessIntermediatebox plot(NIIGATA, 1977)
Leaf blade pubescenceIntermediatebox plot(NIIGATA, 1977)
Flag leaf angleSlightly descendingbox plot(NIIGATA, 1977)
Leaf blade colorDark greenbox plot(NIIGATA, 1977)
Spikelet density71.0box plot(NIIGATA, 1977)
Pubescence of lemma and paleaIntermediatebox plot(NIIGATA, 1977)
Sterile lemma colorLight yellowbox plot(NIIGATA, 1977)
Seed coat colorWhitebox plot(NIIGATA, 1977)
Field resistance to leaf blastIntermediatebox plot(NIIGATA, 1977)
Varietal group of bacterial blight resistanceKinmaze groupbox plot(NIIGATA, 1977)
ViviparityVery lowbox plot(NIIGATA, 1977)
Resistance to sheath blightIntermediatebox plot(NIIGATA, 1977)
Panicle threshabilityVery easybox plot(NIIGATA, 1977)
Grain appearanceGoodbox plot(NIIGATA, 1977)
Amount of white belly grainsLowbox plot(NIIGATA, 1977)
Amount of white core in grainsExtremely fewbox plot(NIIGATA, 1977)