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Passport data of JP 4425
JP No. (Accession No.)4425
Plant nameUpland rice
Scientific nameOryza sativa L.
Cultivar/Accession nameOOSHIMA 4
ImageJP 4425 (Seed) JP 4425 (Brown rice)
OriginJAPAN (KANTO TOSAN, Unspecified)
Collection sourceCollected
Conservation ID
  • 4820
Form of DistributionSeed
Standard Quantity of distribution50 seeds
Germination percentage80%
Application for distributionOrder
C&E Data (Rice - Conservation ID: 4820, Sown on Jun 3, 2015)
Field resistance to leaf blastVery highbox plot(AKITA, 2015)
C&E Data (Rice - Conservation ID: 4820)
Culm length62 (cm)box plot(HIROSHIMA, 2003)
Panicle length20.7 (cm)box plot(HIROSHIMA, 2003)
Number of panicles5.9 (Number per plant)box plot(HIROSHIMA, 2003)
Apiculus colorStrawbox plot(HIROSHIMA, 2003)
Grain length7.9 (mm)box plot(HIROSHIMA, 2003)
Grain width3.5 (mm)box plot(HIROSHIMA, 2003)
Brown rice length5.3 (mm)box plot(HIROSHIMA, 2003)
Brown rice width2.8 (mm)box plot(HIROSHIMA, 2003)
Endosperm typeGlutinousbox plot(HIROSHIMA, 2003)
Heading dateAug 11(HIROSHIMA, 2003)
Lemma and palea colorStrawbox plot(HIROSHIMA, 2003)
Presence of awnExtremely scarcebox plot(HIROSHIMA, 2003)
Awn lengthShortbox plot(HIROSHIMA, 2003)
Lodging toleranceIntermediatebox plot(HIROSHIMA, 2003)
Panicle threshabilityIntermediatebox plot(HIROSHIMA, 2003)
Grain appearanceIntermediatebox plot(HIROSHIMA, 2003)
Grain lusterIntermediatebox plot(HIROSHIMA, 2003)
Amount of cracked grainsLowbox plot(HIROSHIMA, 2003)
C&E Data (Rice - Conservation ID: 4820)
Culm length95 (cm)box plot(IBARAKI, 1998)
Panicle length18.2 (cm)box plot(IBARAKI, 1998)
Number of panicles14.0 (Number per plant)box plot(IBARAKI, 1998)
Apiculus colorStrawbox plot(IBARAKI, 1998)
Grain length7.7 (mm)box plot(IBARAKI, 1998)
Grain width3.5 (mm)box plot(IBARAKI, 1998)
Brown rice length5.4 (mm)box plot(IBARAKI, 1998)
Brown rice width2.8 (mm)box plot(IBARAKI, 1998)
Endosperm typeGlutinousbox plot(IBARAKI, 1998)
Heading dateJul 25(IBARAKI, 1998)
Lemma and palea colorStrawbox plot(IBARAKI, 1998)
Presence of awnScarcebox plot(IBARAKI, 1998)
Awn lengthShortbox plot(IBARAKI, 1998)
C&E Data (Rice - Conservation ID: 4820)
Culm length77 (cm)box plot(NIIGATA, 1997)
Panicle length20.8 (cm)box plot(NIIGATA, 1997)
Number of panicles9.6 (Number per plant)box plot(NIIGATA, 1997)
Apiculus colorStrawbox plot(NIIGATA, 1997)
Grain length7.1 (mm)box plot(NIIGATA, 1997)
Grain width3.5 (mm)box plot(NIIGATA, 1997)
Brown rice length5.2 (mm)box plot(NIIGATA, 1997)
Brown rice width2.9 (mm)box plot(NIIGATA, 1997)
Endosperm typeGlutinousbox plot(NIIGATA, 1997)
Heading dateJul 24(NIIGATA, 1997)
Lemma and palea colorReddish yellow to orangebox plot(NIIGATA, 1997)
Presence of awnAbundantbox plot(NIIGATA, 1997)
Awn lengthVery shortbox plot(NIIGATA, 1997)
Field resistance to leaf blastSlightly lowbox plot(NIIGATA, 1997)
Lodging toleranceHighbox plot(NIIGATA, 1997)
C&E Data (Rice - Conservation ID: 4820, Sown on Apr 20, 1997)
Culm length80 (cm)box plot(IBARAKI, 1997)
Panicle length24.5 (cm)box plot(IBARAKI, 1997)
Apiculus colorStrawbox plot(IBARAKI, 1997)
Grain length7.7 (mm)box plot(IBARAKI, 1997)
Grain width3.5 (mm)box plot(IBARAKI, 1997)
Brown rice length5.4 (mm)box plot(IBARAKI, 1997)
Brown rice width2.9 (mm)box plot(IBARAKI, 1997)
Endosperm typeGlutinousbox plot(IBARAKI, 1997)
Heading dateAug 12(IBARAKI, 1997)
Lemma and palea colorStrawbox plot(IBARAKI, 1997)
Presence of awnExtremely scarcebox plot(IBARAKI, 1997)
Awn lengthShortbox plot(IBARAKI, 1997)
Drought resistanceLowbox plot(IBARAKI, 1997)
Low temperature germinabilityHighbox plot(IBARAKI, 1997)