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Passport data of JP 337
JP No. (Accession No.)337
Plant nameSorghum
Scientific nameSorghum bicolor (L.) Moench subsp. bicolor
Collection sourceIntroduced
Conservation ID
  • 375
Form of DistributionSeed
Standard Quantity of distribution50 seeds
Germination percentage92%
Application for distributionOrder
C&E Data (Sorghum - Conservation ID: 375, PGRAsia)
Culm length146 (cm)box plot(LAOS, 2016)
Number of tillers1.0 (Number/plant)box plot(LAOS, 2016)
Panicle length24.7 (cm)box plot(LAOS, 2016)
Panicle shapeConebox plot(LAOS, 2016)
Grain colorOrangebox plot(LAOS, 2016)
Date of headingFeb 13, 2017(LAOS, 2016)
Diameter of culm7.4 (mm)box plot(LAOS, 2016)
Leaf length55 (cm)box plot(LAOS, 2016)
Leaf width47.2 (mm)box plot(LAOS, 2016)
Grain weight per panicle25.2 (g)box plot(LAOS, 2016)
Panicle typeIntermediatebox plot(LAOS, 2016)
Grain density on panicleIntermediatebox plot(LAOS, 2016)
Date of maturityMar 29, 2017(LAOS, 2016)
C&E Data (Sorghum - Conservation ID: 375, Sown on May 28, 2014)
Culm length206 (cm)box plot(IBARAKI, 2014)
Number of tillers1.0 (Number/plant)box plot(IBARAKI, 2014)
Panicle length23.6 (cm)box plot(IBARAKI, 2014)
Panicle shapeConebox plot(IBARAKI, 2014)
Grain colorOrangebox plot(IBARAKI, 2014)
Date of headingAug 8, 2014(IBARAKI, 2014)
Diameter of culm9.0 (mm)box plot(IBARAKI, 2014)
Leaf length60 (cm)box plot(IBARAKI, 2014)
Leaf width42.0 (mm)box plot(IBARAKI, 2014)
Weight of 1000 grains32.3 (g)box plot(IBARAKI, 2014)
Grain weight per panicle23.6 (g)box plot(IBARAKI, 2014)
Panicle typeOpenbox plot(IBARAKI, 2014)
Grain density on panicleIntermediatebox plot(IBARAKI, 2014)
Date of maturityAug 29, 2014(IBARAKI, 2014)
Coleoptile colorPurplebox plot(IBARAKI, 2014)
Awn presencePresentbox plot(IBARAKI, 2014)
Glume colorOrangebox plot(IBARAKI, 2014)
Grain shapeOvalbox plot(IBARAKI, 2014)
Stem juicinessDrybox plot(IBARAKI, 2014)
Fresh foliage yield of first harvest133 (kg/a)box plot(IBARAKI, 2014)
Fresh head yield of first harvest154 (kg/a)box plot(IBARAKI, 2014)
Total fresh yield of first harvest286 (kg/a)box plot(IBARAKI, 2014)
Dry matter ratio of foliage at the first harvest34.0 (%)box plot(IBARAKI, 2014)
Dry matter ratio of head of first harvest73.2 (%)box plot(IBARAKI, 2014)
Dry matter yield of foliage of first harvest45.0 (kg/a)box plot(IBARAKI, 2014)
Dry matter yield of head of first harvest112.5 (kg/a)box plot(IBARAKI, 2014)
Total dry matter yield of first harvest157.5 (kg/a)box plot(IBARAKI, 2014)
Sugar content of stem at the first harvest13.4 (%)box plot(IBARAKI, 2014)
C&E Data (Sorghum - Conservation ID: 375)
Culm length161 (cm)box plot(KUMAMOTO, 2000)
Number of tillers0.0 (Number/plant)box plot(KUMAMOTO, 2000)
Panicle length27.8 (cm)box plot(KUMAMOTO, 2000)
Grain weight per panicle15.8 (g)box plot(KUMAMOTO, 2000)
Panicle shapeSpindlebox plot(KUMAMOTO, 2000)
Panicle typeIntermediatebox plot(KUMAMOTO, 2000)
Grain density on panicleSparsebox plot(KUMAMOTO, 2000)
Grain colorOrangebox plot(KUMAMOTO, 2000)
Date of headingJul 18(KUMAMOTO, 2000)
Date of maturityAug 28(KUMAMOTO, 2000)
Diameter of culm10.7 (mm)box plot(KUMAMOTO, 2000)
Leaf length62 (cm)box plot(KUMAMOTO, 2000)
Leaf width12.2 (mm)box plot(KUMAMOTO, 2000)