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Passport data of JP 10719
JP No. (Accession No.)10719
Plant namePaddy rice
Scientific nameOryza sativa L.
Cultivar/Accession nameCOL/MIYAZAKI/1963/1140
ImageJP 10719 (Seed) JP 10719 (Brown rice)
Collection sourceIntroduced
Previous donorNational Institute of Agrobiological Sciences
Conservation ID
  • 11733
Form of DistributionSeed
Standard Quantity of distribution50 seeds
Germination percentage96%
Application for distributionOrder
C&E Data (Rice - Conservation ID: 11733)
Resistance to brown planthoppersLowbox plot(IBARAKI, 2021)
C&E Data (Rice - Conservation ID: 11733, Sown on Jun 5, 2018)
Field resistance to leaf blastIntermediatebox plot(AKITA, 2018)
C&E Data (Rice - Conservation ID: 11733)
Culm length96 (cm)box plot(FUKUOKA, 2010)
Panicle length22.0 (cm)box plot(FUKUOKA, 2010)
Number of panicles10.4 (Number per plant)box plot(FUKUOKA, 2010)
Apiculus colorStrawbox plot(FUKUOKA, 2010)
Grain length7.7 (mm)box plot(FUKUOKA, 2010)
Grain width3.4 (mm)box plot(FUKUOKA, 2010)
Brown rice length5.5 (mm)box plot(FUKUOKA, 2010)
Brown rice width2.6 (mm)box plot(FUKUOKA, 2010)
Endosperm typeNon-glutinousbox plot(FUKUOKA, 2010)
Heading dateSep 4(FUKUOKA, 2010)
Lemma and palea colorStrawbox plot(FUKUOKA, 2010)
Presence of awnAbsentbox plot(FUKUOKA, 2010)
Culm thicknessIntermediatebox plot(FUKUOKA, 2010)
Culm hardnessIntermediatebox plot(FUKUOKA, 2010)
Flag leaf angleSlightly descendingbox plot(FUKUOKA, 2010)
Panicle exsertionSlightly longbox plot(FUKUOKA, 2010)
Sterile lemma colorLight yellowbox plot(FUKUOKA, 2010)
Phenol color reactionNegativebox plot(FUKUOKA, 2010)
Seed coat colorReddish brownbox plot(FUKUOKA, 2010)
Days from the first heading to the full heading11 (Block)box plot(FUKUOKA, 2010)
Field resistance to leaf blastLowbox plot(FUKUOKA, 2010)
Varietal group of bacterial blight resistanceKogyoku groupbox plot(FUKUOKA, 2010)
Lodging toleranceSlightly lowbox plot(FUKUOKA, 2010)
1,000 grain weight18.4 (g)box plot(FUKUOKA, 2010)
Grain appearanceIntermediatebox plot(FUKUOKA, 2010)
Amount of white belly grainsLowbox plot(FUKUOKA, 2010)
Amount of white core in grainsVery fewbox plot(FUKUOKA, 2010)
C&E Data (Rice - Conservation ID: 11733)
Culm length124 (cm)box plot(NIIGATA, 1978)
Panicle length21.0 (cm)box plot(NIIGATA, 1978)
Number of panicles14.0 (Number per plant)box plot(NIIGATA, 1978)
Apiculus colorPurplebox plot(NIIGATA, 1978)
Brown rice length5.3 (mm)box plot(NIIGATA, 1978)
Brown rice width2.8 (mm)box plot(NIIGATA, 1978)
Endosperm typeNon-glutinousbox plot(NIIGATA, 1978)
Heading dateAug 25(NIIGATA, 1978)
Lemma and palea colorYellowbox plot(NIIGATA, 1978)
Presence of awnIntermediatebox plot(NIIGATA, 1978)
Plant typeIntermediate typebox plot(NIIGATA, 1978)
Culm thicknessThinbox plot(NIIGATA, 1978)
Leaf blade pubescenceIntermediatebox plot(NIIGATA, 1978)
Flag leaf angleSlightly semi-erectbox plot(NIIGATA, 1978)
Leaf blade colorGreenbox plot(NIIGATA, 1978)
Spikelet density41.0box plot(NIIGATA, 1978)
Pubescence of lemma and paleaIntermediatebox plot(NIIGATA, 1978)
Sterile lemma colorLight yellowbox plot(NIIGATA, 1978)
Seed coat colorRedbox plot(NIIGATA, 1978)
Field resistance to leaf blastHighbox plot(NIIGATA, 1978)
Varietal group of bacterial blight resistanceKinmaze groupbox plot(NIIGATA, 1978)
Lodging toleranceSlightly lowbox plot(NIIGATA, 1978)
ViviparityHighbox plot(NIIGATA, 1978)
Resistance to sheath blightHighbox plot(NIIGATA, 1978)
Panicle threshabilityIntermediatebox plot(NIIGATA, 1978)
Grain appearanceSlightly badbox plot(NIIGATA, 1978)
Amount of white belly grainsLowbox plot(NIIGATA, 1978)
Amount of white core in grainsExtremely fewbox plot(NIIGATA, 1978)
C&E Data (Rice - Conservation ID: 11733)
Culm length110 (cm)box plot(FUKUOKA, 1965)
Panicle length21.4 (cm)box plot(FUKUOKA, 1965)
Number of panicles15.9 (Number per plant)box plot(FUKUOKA, 1965)
Apiculus colorPurplebox plot(FUKUOKA, 1965)
Brown rice length5.4 (mm)box plot(FUKUOKA, 1965)
Brown rice width2.7 (mm)box plot(FUKUOKA, 1965)
Endosperm typeNon-glutinousbox plot(FUKUOKA, 1965)
Heading dateSep 14(FUKUOKA, 1965)
Presence of awnScarcebox plot(FUKUOKA, 1965)
Awn lengthIntermediatebox plot(FUKUOKA, 1965)