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You can search for plant genetic resources that are conserved in NARO Genebank by evaluation data such as maturity date, plant height, cold tolerance and passport data. To conduct a cross-plant searching, please try Simple Queries.

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Scientific nameCrop groupPlant nameEvaluation group
Aegilops crassaWheat and barley(Aegilops)Oat
Aegilops cylindricaWheat and barley(Aegilops)Oat
Aegilops juvenalisWheat and barley(Aegilops)Oat
Aegilops ovataWheat and barley(Aegilops)Wheat
Aegilops squarrosaWheat and barley(Aegilops)Oat
Aegilops triaristataWheat and barley(Aegilops)Wheat
Aegilops triuncialisWheat and barley(Aegilops)Oat, Wheat
Aegilops ventricosaWheat and barley(Aegilops)Wheat
Agrostis albaGrasses and forage cropsRed top, Herds grassCool temperate perennial grasses
Allium cepaVegetablesOnionOnion
Allium fistulosumVegetablesWelsh onionJapanese bunching onion
Allium sp.Ornamental flowers and trees(Allium)Japanese bunching onion
Amaranthus blitumMillets and industrial cropsPurplish AmaranthusAmaranth
Amaranthus caudatusMillets and industrial cropsInca wheat, love-lies-bleeding, tassel flowerAmaranth
Amaranthus cruentusMillets and industrial cropspurple amaranth, prince's featherAmaranth
Amaranthus dubiusMillets and industrial cropsspleen amaranthAmaranth
Amaranthus hypochondriacusMillets and industrial cropsprince's featherAmaranth
Amaranthus mangostanusVegetablesAmaranthusAmaranth
Amaranthus sp.Millets and industrial crops(Amaranthus)Amaranth
Amaranthus spinosusMillets and industrial cropsThorny pigweedAmaranth
Amaranthus tricolorMillets and industrial cropsChinese spinach, Joseph's coat, Ganges amaranthAmaranth
Amorphophallus rivieri var. konjacMillets and industrial cropsElephant-footElephant-foot
Amphicarpaea bracteata subsp. edgeworthii var. japonicaLegumesAmphicarpeaOther legumes
Ananas comosusTropical and subtropical cropsPineapplePineapple
Arachis hypogaeaLegumesPeanut, GroundnutGroundnut
Arachis pintoiLegumesWild groundnutGroundnut
Arctium lappaVegetablesEdible burdockEdible burdock
Asparagus officinalisVegetablesGarden AsparagusGarden asparagus
Astragalus sinicusGrasses and forage cropsChinese milk vetchChinese milk vetch
Avena abyssinicaWheat and barleyEthiopian oatsOat
Avena barbataWheat and barleyWild oatOat
Avena brevisWheat and barleyBrevis oatOat
Avena byzantinaWheat and barleyByzantine oatOat
Avena fatuaWheat and barleyWild oatOat
Avena hirtulaWheat and barleyWild oat (hirtula)Oat
Avena longiglumisWheat and barleyWild oatOat
Avena magnaWheat and barleyWild oatOat
Avena murphyiWheat and barleyWild oatOat
Avena nudaWheat and barleyNuda oatOat
Avena sativaWheat and barleyOatOat
Avena sp.Wheat and barleyWild oatOat
Avena sterilisWheat and barleyWild oatOat
Avena wiestiiWheat and barleyWild oat (wiestii)Oat
Beta vulgarisMillets and industrial cropsSugar beet (polyembriony)Sugar beet
Brassica carinataVegetablesAbyssinian mustardLeaf mustard
Brassica juncea Cernua GroupVegetablesLeaf mustardLeaf mustard
Brassica juncea Integlifolia GroupVegetablesBroad-leaved mustardBroad-leaved mustard
Brassica napusVegetablesRapeseedRape, Chinese mustard
Brassica napus Napobrassica GroupGrasses and forage cropsRutabaga, SwedeRape, Turnip
Brassica nigraVegetablesBlack mustardLeaf mustard
Brassica oleracea Acephala GroupVegetablesKale, CollardChinese mustard, Cauliflower
Brassica oleracea Alboglabra GroupVegetablesChinese kaleChinese mustard, Broccoli
Brassica oleracea Botrytis GroupVegetablesCauliflowerCauliflower
Brassica oleracea Capitata GroupVegetablesCabbageCabbage
Brassica oleracea Gemmifera GroupVegetablesBrussels sproutCabbage
Brassica oleracea Italica GroupVegetablesBroccoliBroccoli
Brassica oleracea var. gongylodesVegetablesKohlrabiKohlrabi
Brassica oleracea x B. rapa Pekinensis GroupVegetablesSynthetic Brassica napusRape
Brassica rapa Chinensis GroupVegetablesPak-choiChinese mustard
Brassica rapa Japonica GroupVegetablesMizunaChinese mustard
Brassica rapa Narinosa GroupVegetablesTat-SoiChinese mustard
Brassica rapa Oleifera GroupVegetablesTurnip rapeRape, Chinese mustard, Leaf mustard
Brassica rapa Parachinensis GroupVegetablesMock pak choy, Choy sumChinese mustard
Brassica rapa Pekinensis GroupVegetablesChinese cabbage、Peking cabbage, Pe-TsaiChinese cabbage, Chinese mustard
Brassica rapa Perviridis GroupVegetablesSpinach mustard, Tendergreen mustardChinese mustard
Brassica rapa Rapifera GroupVegetablesTurnipTurnip
Bromus catharticusGrasses and forage cropsRescue grassOther grasses
Bromus unioloidesGrasses and forage cropsRescue grassOther grasses
Caesalpinia pulcherrimaTropical and subtropical cropsLarge yellow butterflyOther legumes
Camellia sinensisTeaTeaTea
Canavalia gladiataLegumesSword beanOther legumes
Capsicum annuumVegetablesRed pepperBell pepper
Capsicum annuum var. grossumVegetablesBell pepperBell pepper
Capsicum baccatumVegetablesWild red pepperBell pepper
Capsicum chinenseVegetablesWild red pepperBell pepper
Capsicum frutescensVegetablesWild red pepperBell pepper
Capsicum pubescensVegetablesRocotoBell pepper
Capsicum sp.VegetablesWild red pepperBell pepper
Cassia spp.Millets and industrial crops(Cassia)Other legumes
Castanea crenataFruit treesJapanese chestnutChestnut
Castanea crenata x C. pumilaFruit trees(Chestnut hybrid)Chestnut
Castanea crenata x C. sativaFruit trees(Chestnut hybrid)Chestnut
Castanea henryiFruit treesChinese timber chinquapinChestnut
Castanea mollissimaFruit treesChinese chestnutChestnut
Castanea pumilaFruit treesCommon chinquapinChestnut
Castanea sativaFruit treesSweet chestnutChestnut
Castanea seguiniiFruit treesChinese dwarf chinquapinChestnut
Castanea sp.Fruit trees(Chestnut)Chestnut
Cenchrus ciliarisGrasses and forage cropsBuffel grassWarm season grasses
Centrosema pubescensGrasses and forage crops(Centrosema)Other legumes
Chenopodium albumMillets and industrial cropsGoosefootOther vegetables
Chloris barbataGrasses and forage cropsPurple top chlorisWarm season grasses
Chloris distichophyllaGrasses and forage cropsWeeping chlorisWarm season grasses
Chloris gayanaGrasses and forage cropsRhodes grassWarm season grasses
Chloris roxburghianaGrasses and forage cropsChlorisWarm season grasses
ChrysanthemumUndefinedChrysanthemumFlorist chrysanthemum
Chrysanthemum arcticumOrnamental flowers and trees(Chrysanthemum)Florist chrysanthemum
Chrysanthemum borealeOrnamental flowers and trees(Chrysanthemum)Florist chrysanthemum
Chrysanthemum cinerariaefoliumMillets and industrial cropsDalmatian pyrethrumDalmatian chrysanthemum
Chrysanthemum crassumOrnamental flowers and trees(Chrysanthemum)Florist chrysanthemum
Chrysanthemum indicumOrnamental flowers and treesMother chrysanthemumFlorist chrysanthemum
Chrysanthemum indicum var. aphroditeOrnamental flowers and treesMother chrysanthemumFlorist chrysanthemum
Chrysanthemum japonenseOrnamental flowers and treesJapanese chrysanthemumFlorist chrysanthemum
Chrysanthemum morifolium var. sinenseOrnamental flowers and treesFlorist chrysanthemumFlorist chrysanthemum
Chrysanthemum nipponicumOrnamental flowers and treesNippon ChrysanthemumFlorist chrysanthemum
Chrysanthemum pacificumOrnamental flowers and trees(Chrysanthemum)Florist chrysanthemum
Chrysanthemum satsumenseOrnamental flowers and trees(Chrysanthemum)Florist chrysanthemum
Chrysanthemum shiwogikuOrnamental flowers and trees(Chrysanthemum)Florist chrysanthemum
Chrysanthemum vulgareOrnamental flowers and treesCommon Tansy, ButtonsFlorist chrysanthemum
Chrysanthemum zawadskiiOrnamental flowers and trees(Chrysanthemum)Florist chrysanthemum
Cicer arietinumLegumesChickpeaOther legumes
CitrullusUndefinedCitrullusWater melon
Citrullus lanatusVegetablesWater melonWater melon
Citrus ampullaceaFruit trees(Citrus)Citrus
Citrus aurantifoliaFruit treesLimeCitrus
Citrus aurantifolia x C. limonFruit treesCitrus (hybrid)Citrus
Citrus aurantiumFruit treesSour orangeCitrus
Citrus aurantium var. crispaFruit treesBouquet des fleursCitrus
Citrus aureaFruit trees(Citrus)Citrus
Citrus balotinaFruit treesBalotine bergamotCitrus
Citrus canaliculataFruit trees(Citrus)Citrus
Citrus clementinaFruit treesClementinCitrus
Citrus deliciosaFruit treesMediterranean mandarinCitrus
Citrus depressaFruit trees(Citrus)Citrus
Citrus erythrosaFruit trees(Citrus)Citrus
Citrus funadokoFruit trees(Citrus)Citrus
Citrus glaberrimaFruit trees(Citrus)Citrus
Citrus grandis (hybrid)Fruit treesCitrus (hybrid)Citrus
Citrus grandisFruit treesShaddock, PummeloCitrus
Citrus grandis var. anseikanFruit treesShaddock, PummeloCitrus
Citrus grandis var. banokanFruit treesShaddock, PummeloCitrus
Citrus grandis var. tanikawanaFruit treesShaddock, PummeloCitrus
Citrus hanajuFruit trees(Citrus)Citrus
Citrus hassakuFruit trees(Citrus)Citrus
Citrus hiroshimanaFruit trees(Citrus)Citrus
Citrus inflataFruit trees(Citrus)Citrus
Citrus intermediaFruit trees(Citrus)Citrus
Citrus iwaikanFruit trees(Citrus)Citrus
Citrus iyoFruit trees(Citrus)Citrus
Citrus junos (hybrid)Fruit treesCitrus (hybrid)Citrus
Citrus junosFruit treesJuzuCitrus
Citrus karnaFruit treesKarna khattaCitrus
Citrus keraji var. kabuchiiFruit trees(Citrus)Citrus
Citrus kinokuniFruit treesKinokuniCitrus
Citrus kinokuni var. subcompressaFruit treesKinokuniCitrus
Citrus kizuFruit trees(Citrus)Citrus
Citrus latipesFruit treesHampur-arongCitrus
Citrus leiocarpaFruit trees(Citrus)Citrus
Citrus leiocarpa f. monoembryotaFruit trees(Citrus)Citrus
Citrus limonFruit treesLemonCitrus
Citrus limoniaFruit treesCanton lemonCitrus
Citrus lumiaFruit treesLumieCitrus
Citrus luteo-turgidaFruit trees(Citrus)Citrus
Citrus madurensisFruit treesCalamondinCitrus
Citrus medioglobosaFruit trees(Citrus)Citrus
Citrus mitsuharuFruit trees(Citrus)Citrus
Citrus montanaFruit trees(Citrus)Citrus
Citrus myrtifoliaFruit treesMyrtle orangeCitrus
Citrus natsudaidaiFruit treesWatson pomelo, NatsudaidaiCitrus
Citrus natsudaidai x C. unshiuFruit trees(Citrus)Citrus
Citrus nippokoreanaFruit trees(Citrus)Citrus
Citrus nobilisFruit treesKing orangeCitrus
Citrus nobilis var. kunepFruit treesKing orangeCitrus
Citrus obovoideaFruit trees(Citrus)Citrus
Citrus obovoidea x C. unshiuFruit trees(Citrus)Citrus
Citrus oleocarpaFruit trees(Citrus)Citrus
Citrus otachibanaFruit trees(Citrus)Citrus
Citrus papillarisFruit treesTizonCitrus
Citrus paradisiFruit treesGrapefruitCitrus
Citrus platymammaFruit treesBinkitsuCitrus
Citrus pseudo-aurantiumFruit trees(Citrus)Citrus
Citrus pseudogulgulFruit trees(Citrus)Citrus
Citrus reshniFruit treesCleopatra, Spice tangerineCitrus
Citrus reticulataFruit treesSuntara orangeCitrus
Citrus rokugatsuFruit trees(Citrus)Citrus
Citrus rugulosaFruit treesAttaniCitrus
Citrus shunkokanFruit trees(Citrus)Citrus
Citrus sinensisFruit treesSweet orangeCitrus
Citrus sinensis var. brasiliensisFruit treesWashington navel orangeCitrus
Citrus sinensis x C. reticulataFruit treesCitrus (hybrid)Citrus
Citrus sinograndisFruit trees(Citrus)Citrus
Citrus sp. (hybrids)Fruit treesCitrus (hybrid)Citrus
Citrus sphaerocarpaFruit trees(Citrus)Citrus
Citrus suavissimaFruit trees(Citrus)Citrus
Citrus succosaFruit trees(Citrus)Citrus
Citrus sudachiFruit trees(Citrus)Citrus
Citrus sulcataFruit trees(Citrus)Citrus
Citrus sunkiFruit trees(Citrus)Citrus
Citrus tachibanaFruit trees(Citrus)Citrus
Citrus taiwanicaFruit trees(Citrus)Citrus
Citrus tamuranaFruit treesNew summer orangeCitrus
Citrus tangerinaFruit trees(Citrus)Citrus
Citrus tangerina x (C. tangerina x C. grandis)Fruit treesCitrus (hybrid)Citrus
Citrus tangerina x C. grandisFruit treesCitrus (hybrid)Citrus
Citrus tankanFruit trees(Citrus)Citrus
Citrus tardivaFruit trees(Citrus)Citrus
Citrus tenguFruit trees(Citrus)Citrus
Citrus truncataFruit treesIgoret lemonCitrus
Citrus tumidaFruit trees(Citrus)Citrus
Citrus ujukitsuFruit trees(Citrus)Citrus
Citrus unshiuFruit treesJapanese mandarin, SatsumaCitrus
Citrus unshiu var. praecoxFruit treesJapanese mandarin, SatsumaCitrus
Citrus wilsoniiFruit treesIchang lemonCitrus
Citrus yamabukiFruit trees(Citrus)Citrus
Citrus yatsushiroFruit trees(Citrus)Citrus
Citrus yukoFruit trees(Citrus)Citrus
Clitoria ternateaGrasses and forage cropsButterfly peaOther pulses
Coix lacryma-jobi var. lacryma-jobiMillets and industrial cropsWild job's tearJob's tears
Coix lacryma-jobi var. ma-yuenMillets and industrial cropsJob's tears, AdleyJob's tears
Colocasia esculentaVegetablesTaroTaro
Coriandrum sativumVegetablesCorianderOther vegetables
Crotalaria paulinaGrasses and forage cropsRattleboxOther pulses
Cucumis meloVegetablesWestern melonWestern melon
Cucumis melo var. conomonVegetablesOriental pickling melonWestern melon
Cucumis melo var. makuwaVegetablesOriental melonWestern melon
Cucumis sativusVegetablesCucumberCucumber
Cucumis sp.Vegetables(Cucumis)Cucumber
Cucurbita ficifoliaVegetablesSquash (black seed)Squash
Cucurbita foetidissimaVegetablesWild squashSquash
Cucurbita maximaVegetablesWinter squashSquash
Cucurbita mixtaVegetablesWinter crookneck squashSquash
Cucurbita moschataVegetablesSquashSquash
Cucurbita pepoVegetablesSummer squashSquash
Cucurbita sp.VegetablesWild squashSquash
Cuphea luteaMillets and industrial crops(C.lutea)Cuphea
Cyamopsis tetragonolobaLegumesGuarOther legumes
Cymbidium spp.Ornamental flowers and treesCymbidiumCymbidium
Dactylis glomerataGrasses and forage cropsOrchard grassCool temperate perennial grasses
Dactylis glomerata subsp.Grasses and forage cropsOrchard grassCool temperate perennial grasses
Daucus carotaVegetablesCarrotCarrot
Dianthus caryophyllusOrnamental flowers and treesCarnationCarnation
Dianthus spp.Ornamental flowers and trees(Dianthus)Dianthus
Digitaria exilisGrasses and forage cropsFonioWarm season grasses
Digitaria milanjianaGrasses and forage crops(Digitaria)Warm season grasses
Digitaria sp.Grasses and forage crops(Digitaria)Warm season grasses
Dioscorea alataVegetablesGreater yamYam
Dioscorea japonicaVegetablesJapanese yamYam
Dioscorea oppositaVegetablesChinese yamYam
Dioscorea sp.Vegetables(Yam)Yam
Diospyros kakiFruit treesJapanese persimmonPersimmon
Diospyros virginianaFruit treesCommon persimmonPersimmon
EchinochloaUndefinedEchinochloaBarnyard millet
Echinochloa colonaUndefinedJangle rice, Shama milletBarnyard millet
Echinochloa crus-galliMillets and industrial cropsBarnyard grassBarnyard millet
Echinochloa crus-galli var. crus-galliMillets and industrial cropsBarnyard grassBarnyard millet
Echinochloa crus-galli var. formosensisMillets and industrial cropsBarnyard grassBarnyard millet
Echinochloa crus-galli var. caudataMillets and industrial cropsBarnyard grassBarnyard millet
Echinochloa crus-galli var. praticolaMillets and industrial cropsBarnyard grassBarnyard millet
Echinochloa frumentaceaMillets and industrial cropsIndian barnyard milletBarnyard millet
Echinochloa oryzicolaMillets and industrial cropsBarnyard grassBarnyard millet
Echinochloa sp.Millets and industrial cropsBarnyard grassBarnyard millet
Echinochloa utilisMillets and industrial cropsJapanese barnyard milletBarnyard millet
Ehrharta calycinaGrasses and forage cropsPerennial veldtgrassWarm season grasses
Eleusine coracana subsp. coracanaMillets and industrial cropsFinger milletFinger millet
Eleusine indicaGrasses and forage cropsCrowsfoot grassWarm season grasses
Enteropogon macrostachyusGrasses and forage cropsBush ryeWarm season grasses
Eragrostis curvulaGrasses and forage cropsWeeping lovegrassWarm season grasses
Eragrostis sp.Grasses and forage cropsEragrostisWarm season grasses
Eragrostis superbaGrasses and forage cropsWilman lovegrassWarm season grasses
Eragrostis tefGrasses and forage cropsTeffOther grasses
Eragrostis tenuifoliaGrasses and forage cropsEragrostisWarm season grasses
Erianthus arundinaceusMillets and industrial crops(Erianthus)Sugarcane, Other grasses
Eriobotrya japonicaFruit treesLoquatLoquat
Fagopyrum cymosumMillets and industrial cropsWild buckwheatBuckwheat
Fagopyrum esculentumMillets and industrial cropsBuckwheatBuckwheat
Fagopyrum tataricumMillets and industrial cropsTatary buckwheatBuckwheat
Festuca arundinaceaGrasses and forage cropsTall fescueCool temperate perennial grasses, Italian ryegrass
Festuca ovinaGrasses and forage cropsSheep's fescueCool temperate perennial grasses
Festuca pratensisGrasses and forage cropsMeadow fescueCool temperate perennial grasses
Festuca rubraGrasses and forage cropsRed fescueCool temperate perennial grasses
Festuca sp.Grasses and forage cropsFescueCool temperate perennial grasses
Ficus caricaFruit treesCommon FigFig
Ficus palmataFruit treesEthiopian figFig
Fortunella crassifoliaFruit treesMeiwa kumquatCitrus
Fortunella japonicaFruit treesRound kumquatCitrus
Fortunella margaritaFruit treesOval kumquatCitrus
Fragaria x ananassaVegetablesStrawberryStrawberry
GlycineUndefinedGlycineOther legumes
Glycine maxLegumesSoybean, SoyaSoybean
Glycine sojaLegumesWild soybeanSoybean
Glycine tabacinaLegumesglycine peaOther legumes
Glycine wightiiLegumesPerennial soybeanSoybean
Helianthus annuusMillets and industrial cropsSunflowerSunflower
Helianthus tuberosusVegetablesJersalem artichokeJerusalem Artichoke (Helianthus tuberosus L.)
Hordeum murinumWheat and barleyMouse barleyBarley
Hordeum sp.Wheat and barleyWild barley (Hordeum sp.)Barley
Hordeum spontaneumWheat and barleyWild barleyBarley
Hordeum spontaneum var. nigrumWheat and barleyWild barleyBarley
Hordeum vulgareWheat and barleySix-rowed barleyBarley
Hordeum vulgare var. distichonWheat and barleyTwo-rowed barleyBarley
Hordeum vulgare var. leiorrhynchumWheat and barleyWild barleyBarley
Ipomoea batatasRoot and tuber cropsSweet potatoSweet potato
Ipomoea tiliaceaRoot and tuber crops(Ipomoea)Sweet potato
Ipomoea trifidaRoot and tuber crops(Ipomoea)Sweet potato
Juglans regiaFruit treesWalnutWalnut
Juglans sieboldianaFruit treesJapanese walnutWalnut
Juglans sp.Fruit trees(Walnut)Walnut
Juncus decipiensMillets and industrial cropsCommon rushCommon rush
Lablab purpureusVegetablesHyacinth beanOther legumes
Lactuca sativaVegetablesLettuceLettuce
Lagenaria siceraria var. depressaVegetables(Lagenaria)Squash
Lagenaria siceraria var. hispidaVegetablesbottle gourdSquash
Lagenaria siceraria var. sicerariaVegetablescalabash, bottle gourdSquash
Lathyrus sativusGrasses and forage cropsGrass peaOther pulses
Lespedeza bicolor var. japonicaGrasses and forage cropsBush cloverOther pulses
Lespedeza cuneataGrasses and forage cropsPerennial LespedezaOther pulses
Lespedeza pilosaGrasses and forage cropsLespedezaOther pulses
Lespedeza stipulaceaGrasses and forage cropsKorean LespedezaOther pulses
Lespedeza striataGrasses and forage cropsCommon LespedezaOther pulses
Linum usitatissimumMillets and industrial cropsFlaxFlax
Lolium multiflorumGrasses and forage cropsItalian ryegrassItalian ryegrass
Lolium multiflorum var. westerwoldicumGrasses and forage cropsWesterwold ryegrassItalian ryegrass
Lolium perenneGrasses and forage cropsPerennial ryegrassPerennial ryegrass
Lolium subulatumGrasses and forage cropsWimmera ryegrassPerennial ryegrass
Lolium x hybridumGrasses and forage cropsHybrid ryegrassItalian ryegrass, Cool temperate perennial grasses
Lotus corniculatus var. japonicusGrasses and forage cropsJapanese bird's-foot trefoilOther pulses
Lotus sp.Legumes(Lotus)Other pulses
Lycopersicon chilenseVegetablesWild tomatoTomato
Lycopersicon esculentumVegetablesTomatoTomato
Lycopersicon esculentum var. cerasiformeVegetablesCherry tomatoTomato
Lycopersicon esculentum var. pyriformeVegetablesPear tomatoTomato
Lycopersicon glandulosumVegetablesWild tomatoTomato
Lycopersicon hirsutumVegetablesWild tomatoTomato
Lycopersicon peruvianumVegetablesWild tomatoTomato
Lycopersicon pimpinellifoliumVegetablesWild tomatoTomato
Lycopersicon pissisiVegetablesWild tomatoTomato
Lycopersicon sp.VegetablesWild tomatoTomato
Macroptilium atropurpureumTropical and subtropical cropsSiratroOther legumes
Macroptilium lathyroidesTropical and subtropical cropsPhasey beanOther legumes
Macroptilium sp.Tropical and subtropical crops(Macroptilium)Other legumes
Macrotyloma axillareLegumesWild MacrotylomaOther legumes
Macrotyloma uniflorumLegumesHorse gram, Madras gramOther legumes
Malus arnoldianaFruit trees(Malus)Apple
Malus asiaticaFruit treesOrient crabApple
Malus baccataFruit trees(Malus)Apple
Malus beniringoFruit trees(Malus)Apple
Malus floribundaFruit trees(Malus)Apple (introduced), Apple
Malus hallianaFruit treesFlowering crab-appleApple
Malus hupehensisFruit trees(Malus)Apple (introduced), Apple
Malus micromalusFruit trees(Malus)Apple
Malus platycarpaFruit trees(Malus)Apple
Malus prunifoliaFruit trees(Malus)Apple
Malus pumilaFruit treesAppleApple
Malus pumila var. domesticaFruit treesAppleApple, Apple (introduced)
Malus pumila var. paradisiacaFruit treesParadise appleApple
Malus robustaFruit trees(Malus)Apple
Malus scheideckeriFruit trees(Malus)Apple
Malus sieboldiiFruit treesToringo crab appleApple
Malus sikkimensisFruit trees(Malus)Apple
Malus sp.Fruit trees(Malus)Apple, Apple (introduced)
Malus yunnanensisFruit trees(Malus)Apple
Medicago lupulinaGrasses and forage cropsBlack medicOther pulses
Medicago polymorphaGrasses and forage cropsCalifornia BurcloverOther pulses
Medicago sativaGrasses and forage cropsAlfalfa, LucerneAlfalfa
Mentha aquaticaMillets and industrial cropsWater mintMint
Mentha arvensisMillets and industrial cropsField mintMint
Mentha arvensis var. piperascensMillets and industrial cropsJapanese mintMint
Mentha rotundifoliaMillets and industrial cropsApple mintMint
Mentha spicataMillets and industrial cropsSpearmintMint
Mentha x piperitaMillets and industrial cropsPeppermintMint
Miscanthus sacchariflorusUndefinedEulaliaOther grasses
Momordica charantiaVegetablesBalsam pearBitter gourd
Morus acidosaMulberryMulberryMulberry
Morus albaMulberryWhite mulberryMulberry
Morus atropurpureaMulberryMulberryMulberry
Morus bombycisMulberryJapanese mulberryMulberry
Morus kagayamaeMulberryMulberryMulberry
Morus latifoliaMulberryMulberryMulberry
Morus mesozygiaMulberryMulberryMulberry
Morus microphyllaMulberryMulberryMulberry
Morus notabilisMulberryMulberryMulberry
Morus rotundilobaMulberryMulberryMulberry
Morus tiliifoliaMulberryMulberryMulberry
Mucuna pruriens var. utilisLegumesVelvet bean, Yokohama beanOther legumes
Ocimum tenuiflorumMillets and industrial cropsholy basilOther vegetables
OnobrychisUndefinedOnobrychisOther pulses
Onobrychis viciifoliaUndefinedSainfoinOther pulses
Oryza glaberrimaRiceAfrican riceRice
Oryza granulataRiceWild riceRice
Oryza nivaraRiceWild riceRice
Oryza officinalisRiceWild riceRice
Oryza punctataRiceWild riceRice
Oryza rufipogonRiceWild riceRice
Oryza sativaRiceUpland riceRice
Oryza sativa f. spontaneaRiceWild riceRice
Pachyrhizus erosusRoot and tuber cropsYam beanOther legumes
PanicumUndefinedPanicumWarm season grasses
Panicum antidotaleGrasses and forage cropsBlue panicWarm season grasses
Panicum bulbosumGrasses and forage cropsBulb panic grass, Texas grassWarm season grasses
Panicum coloratumGrasses and forage cropsColoured guinea grassWarm season grasses
Panicum coloratum var. kabulabulaGrasses and forage cropsKabulabula grassWarm season grasses
Panicum coloratum var. makarikarienseGrasses and forage cropsMakarikari grassWarm season grasses
Panicum dichotomiflorumGrasses and forage cropsFall panicumWarm season grasses
Panicum maximumGrasses and forage cropsGuinea grassWarm season grasses
Panicum maximum var. trichoglumeGrasses and forage cropsGreen panicWarm season grasses
Panicum miliaceumMillets and industrial cropsCommon millet, Proso milletCommon millet
Panicum milioidesGrasses and forage cropsMilioidesOther grasses
Panicum prolutumGrasses and forage cropsCoolah grassWarm season grasses
Panicum ramosumGrasses and forage cropsBrowntop milletOther grasses
Panicum sp.Grasses and forage cropsPanicumWarm season grasses
Panicum sumatrenseMillets and industrial cropsLittle millet, SamaiWarm season grasses
Panicum virgatumGrasses and forage cropsSwitch grassWarm season grasses
Paspalum dilatatumGrasses and forage cropsDallis grassWarm season grasses
Paspalum notatumGrasses and forage cropsBahia grassWarm season grasses
Pennisetum americanumGrasses and forage cropsPearl milletWarm season grasses, Sorghum
Perilla frutescens var. frutescensMillets and industrial cropsOil perillaPerilla
Perilla frutescens var. crispaVegetablesPerillaPerilla
Phalaris arundinaceaGrasses and forage cropsReed canary grassCool temperate perennial grasses
PhaseolusUndefinedPhaseolusKidney bean
Phaseolus acutifoliusLegumesTepary beanOther legumes
Phaseolus angustissimusLegumesPhaseolus angustissimusOther legumes
Phaseolus coccineusVegetablesScarlet runner beanKidney bean
Phaseolus filiformisLegumesPhaseolus filiformisOther legumes
Phaseolus lunatusVegetablesLima bean, Sugar beanOther legumes, Kidney bean
Phaseolus micranthusLegumesPhaseolus micranthusOther legumes
Phaseolus microcarpusLegumesPhaseolus microcarpusOther legumes
Phaseolus polystachyus var. polystachyusLegumesPhaseolus polystachyus var. polystachyusOther legumes
Phaseolus sp.Legumes(Phaseolus)Other legumes
Phaseolus vulgarisVegetablesCommon bean, Kidney beanKidney bean
Phaseolus vulgaris var. aborigineusLegumesWild common beanKidney bean
Phleum pratenseGrasses and forage cropsTimothyCool temperate perennial grasses
Pisum sativumVegetablesPeaPea
Poa amplaGrasses and forage cropsBig bluegrassBluegrass
Poa compressaGrasses and forage cropsCanada bluegrassBluegrass
Poa nemoralisGrasses and forage cropsWood meadow grassCool temperate perennial grasses
Poa palustrisGrasses and forage cropsFowl meadow grassCool temperate perennial grasses
Poa pratensisGrasses and forage cropsKentucky bluegrassBluegrass
Poa trivialisGrasses and forage cropsRough-stalked meadow grassCool temperate perennial grasses
Poncirus trifoliataFruit treesTrifoliate orangeCitrus
Prunus armeniacaFruit treesApricotApricot
Prunus aviumFruit treesCherryCherry
Prunus cerasiferaFruit treesCherry plum, MyrobalanPlum
Prunus cerasusFruit treesSour cherryCherry
Prunus davidianaFruit treesDavid peachPeach
Prunus domesticaFruit treesCommon plumPlum
Prunus mumeFruit treesJapanese apricotJapanese apricot
Prunus persicaFruit treesPeachPeach
Prunus salicinaFruit treesJapanese plumPlum
Prunus spinosaFruit treesSloe, BlackthornPlum
Psophocarpus tetragonolobusVegetablesWinged bean, Four angled beanWinged bean
Pueraria phaseoloidesGrasses and forage cropsTropical kudzuWarm season pulses
Pyrus aromaticaFruit treesJapanese pearJapanese pear
Pyrus babauttiagiFruit trees(Pear)Japanese pear
Pyrus calleryanaFruit treesCallery pearJapanese pear
Pyrus communisFruit treesCommon pearCommon pear
Pyrus elaeagnifoliaFruit treesOleaster pearJapanese pear
Pyrus hondoensisFruit trees(Japanese pear)Japanese pear
Pyrus pyrifolia var. cultaFruit treesSand pearJapanese pear
Pyrus pyrifoliaFruit treesJapanese pear, Sand pearJapanese pear
Pyrus sp.Fruit trees(Pear)Japanese pear
Pyrus taiwanensisFruit trees(Pyrus)Japanese pear
Pyrus ussuriensisFruit treesUssrian pear, Chinese pearJapanese pear
Pyrus ussuriensis var. sinensis x P. pyrifolia var. cultaFruit treesPear (hybrid)Japanese pear
Pyrus xerophilaFruit trees(Pear)Japanese pear
Raphanus sativusVegetablesRadishRadish
Raphanus sativus var. caudatusVegetablesRat-tailed RadishRadish
Rhododendron obtusumOrnamental flowers and trees(Rhododendron)Rhododendron
Rubus allegheniensisFruit treesBlack berryRaspberry
Rubus strigosusFruit treesAmerican red raspberryRaspberry
Saccharum barberiMillets and industrial cropsIndian caneSugarcane
Saccharum officinarumMillets and industrial cropsNoble caneSugarcane
Saccharum sinenseMillets and industrial cropsChinese caneSugarcane
Saccharum sp.Millets and industrial cropsSugarcaneSugarcane
Saccharum spontaneumMillets and industrial cropsWild caneSugarcane
Secale cerealeWheat and barleyRyeWheat
Sesamum indicumMillets and industrial cropsSesameSesame
Sesbania cannabinaTropical and subtropical cropsHorny AeschynomeneOther legumes
Setaria italicaMillets and industrial cropsItalian Millet, Foxtail milletFoxtail millet
Sinapis arvensisVegetablesCharlock mustardLeaf mustard
Smallanthus sonchifoliusMillets and industrial cropsYaconYacon
Solanum aculeatissimumVegetablesDutch eggplant, Love-appleEgg plant
Solanum aethiopicumVegetablesBitter tomato, Ethiopian eggplantEgg plant
Solanum atropurpureumVegetablesMalevolence, Purple devil, Five-minute plantEgg plant
Solanum ciliatumVegetablesCockroach berryEgg plant
Solanum giloVegetablesBitter tomato, Ethiopian eggplantEgg plant
Solanum incanumVegetablesWild egg plantEgg plant
Solanum incanumVegetablesBitter apple, Thorn appleEgg plant
Solanum integrifoliumVegetablesBitter tomato, Ethiopian eggplantEgg plant
Solanum khasianumVegetables(Solanum)Egg plant
Solanum laciniatumVegetablesKangaroo-appleEgg plant
Solanum macrocarponVegetablesAfrican eggplant, Vietnamese eggplantEgg plant
Solanum mammosumVegetablesNipple fruit,Fox head, Cow's udder, Apple of SodomEgg plant
Solanum melongenaVegetablesEggplantEgg plant
Solanum nigrumVegetablesBlack nightshadeEgg plant
Solanum nodiflorumVegetablesAmerican black nightshade,Small-flowered nightshade,Glossy nEgg plant
Solanum pseudocapsicumVegetablesJerusalem cherry, Madeira winter cherryEgg plant
Solanum quinquangulareVegetables(Solanum)Egg plant
Solanum sanitwongseiVegetables(Solanum)Egg plant
Solanum sp.Vegetables(Solanum)Egg plant
Solanum spinosissimumVegetablesCockroach berryEgg plant
Solanum torvumVegetablesTurkey berry, Prickly nightshade, Pea eggplant, Devil's figEgg plant
Solanum tuberosumRoot and tuber cropsPotatoPotato
Solanum xanthocarpumVegetablesSurattense nightshade,Yellow-fruit nightshade,Yellow-berriedEgg plant
Sorghum bicolor subsp. bicolorGrasses and forage cropsSorghumSorghum
Sorghum spp.Grasses and forage cropsWild sorghumSorghum
Sorghum sudanenseGrasses and forage cropsSudan grassSorghum
Spinacia oleraceaVegetablesSpinachSpinach
Tephrosia candidaGrasses and forage cropsWhite tephrosiaOther pulses
Trifolium fragiferumGrasses and forage cropsStrawberry cloverOther pulses
Trifolium hybridumGrasses and forage cropsAlsike cloverOther pulses
Trifolium incarnatumGrasses and forage cropsCrimson cloverOther pulses
Trifolium mediumGrasses and forage cropsZigzag cloverOther pulses
Trifolium montanumGrasses and forage cropsMountain cloverOther pulses
Trifolium pannonicumGrasses and forage cropsHungarian cloverOther pulses
Trifolium pratenseGrasses and forage cropsRed cloverRed clover
Trifolium repensGrasses and forage cropsWhite cloverWhite clover
Trifolium sp.Grasses and forage crops(Clover)Other pulses
Trifolium subterraneumGrasses and forage cropsSubterranean cloverOther pulses
TrigonellaUndefinedTrigonellaOther legumes
Triticum aestivumWheat and barleyWheat (Common wheat)Wheat
Triticum araraticumWheat and barleyArmenian wild wheatWheat
Triticum boeoticumWheat and barleyWild einkorn wheatWheat
Triticum compactumWheat and barleyClub wheatWheat
Triticum dicoccoidesWheat and barleyWild emmer wheatWheat
Triticum dicoccumWheat and barleyEmmer wheatWheat
Triticum durumWheat and barleyDurum wheatWheat
Triticum monococcumWheat and barleyEinkorn wheatWheat
Triticum polonicumWheat and barleyPolish wheatWheat
Triticum sp. x Secale sp.Wheat and barleyTriticaleWheat
Triticum speltaWheat and barleySpelt wheatWheat
Triticum turgidumWheat and barleyRivet wheatWheat
Triticum urartuWheat and barleyWild einkorn wheat,UrartuWheat
Vaccinium corymbosumFruit treesHighbush blueberryBlueberry
Vicia fabaVegetablesBroad beanOther legumes
Vicia sativaGrasses and forage cropsCommon vetchWarm season pulses, Other pulses
Vigna aconitifoliaLegumesMoth bean: Domesticated VignaOther legumes, Azuki bean
Vigna ambacensis var. ambacensisLegumesWild VignaOther legumes
Vigna ambacensis var. pubigeraLegumesWild VignaOther legumes
Vigna angivensisLegumesWild VignaOther legumes
Vigna angularisLegumesAzuki bean (Domesticated)Azuki bean
Vigna angularis var. nipponensisLegumesAzuki bean (Wild)Azuki bean, Other legumes
Vigna antillanaLegumesWild VignaOther legumes
Vigna aridicolaLegumesWild VignaOther legumes
Vigna dalzellianaLegumesWild VignaOther legumes
Vigna exilisLegumesWild VignaOther legumes
Vigna filicaulis var. filicaulisLegumesWild VignaOther legumes
Vigna filicaulis var. pseudovenulosaLegumesWild VignaOther legumes
Vigna friesiorumLegumesWild VignaOther legumes
Vigna frutescens subsp. frutescens var. frutescensLegumesWild VignaOther legumes
Vigna glabrescensLegumesCreole bean: Domesticated VignaOther legumes, Azuki bean
Vigna gracilis var. gracilisLegumesWild VignaOther legumes
Vigna grandifloraLegumesWild VignaOther legumes
Vigna heterophyllaLegumesWild VignaOther legumes
Vigna hirtellaLegumesWild VignaOther legumes
Vigna hosei var. hoseiLegumesWild VignaOther legumes
Vigna hosei var. pubescensLegumesWild VignaOther legumes
Vigna indicaLegumesV. indicaOther legumes
Vigna khandalensisLegumes(Vigna)Other legumes
Vigna kirkiiLegumesWild VignaOther legumes
Vigna lanceolataLegumesWild VignaOther legumes
Vigna lasiocarpaLegumesWild VignaOther legumes
Vigna laurentiiLegumesWild VignaOther legumes
Vigna longifoliaLegumesWild VignaOther legumes
Vigna luteolaLegumesWild Vigna: Hairy pod cowpeaOther legumes
Vigna marinaLegumesWild Vigna: Beach beanOther legumes
Vigna membranacea subsp. membranaceaLegumesWild VignaOther legumes
Vigna membranacea subsp. caesiaLegumesWild VignaOther legumes
Vigna membranacea subsp. hapalanthaLegumesWild VignaOther legumes
Vigna minimaLegumesWild VignaOther legumes
Vigna monophyllaLegumesWild VignaOther legumes
Vigna multinervisLegumesWild VignaOther legumes
Vigna mungoLegumesBlack gram (Domesticated)Azuki bean, Other legumes
Vigna mungo var. silvestrisLegumesBlack gram (Wild)Other legumes
Vigna nakashimaeLegumesWild VignaOther legumes
Vigna nepalensisLegumesWild VignaOther legumes
Vigna nigritiaLegumesWild VignaOther legumes
Vigna oblongifolia var. oblongifoliaLegumesWild VignaOther legumes
Vigna oblongifolia var. parvifloraLegumesWild VignaOther legumes
Vigna owahuensisLegumesWild VignaOther legumes
Vigna parkeri subsp. maranguensisLegumesWild VignaOther legumes
Vigna peduncularis var. peduncularisLegumesWild VignaOther legumes
Vigna peduncularis var. pusillaLegumesWild VignaOther legumes
Vigna racemosaLegumesWild VignaOther legumes
Vigna radiataLegumesMungbean (Domesticated)Other legumes
Vigna radiata var. sublobataLegumesMungbean (Wild)Other legumes
Vigna reflexo-pilosaLegumesWild VignaOther legumes
Vigna reticulataLegumesWild VignaOther legumes
Vigna riukiuensisLegumesWild VignaOther legumes
Vigna sahyadrianaLegumesV. sahyadrianaOther legumes
Vigna schimperiLegumesWild VignaOther legumes
Vigna sp.LegumesVigna sp.Other legumes
Vigna stipulaceaLegumesWild VignaOther legumes
Vigna subramanianaLegumesWild VignaOther legumes
Vigna subterraneaLegumesBambara groundnut: Domesticated VignaBambara groundnut
Vigna tenuicaulisLegumesWild VignaOther legumes
Vigna trilobataLegumesWild Vigna: Jungli beanOther legumes
Vigna trinerviaLegumesWild VignaOther legumes
Vigna triphyllaLegumesWild VignaOther legumes
Vigna umbellataLegumesRice bean (Domesticated)Other legumes, Cowpea
Vigna unguiculataLegumesCowpea (Domesticated)Cowpea
Vigna unguiculata cv-gr. BifloraLegumesCatjang bean: Domesticated VCowpea
Vigna unguiculata cv-gr. SesquipedalisVegetablesYard long bean: DomestCowpea
Vigna unguiculata cv-gr. UnguiculataLegumesCowpea: Domesticated VigCowpea
Vigna venulosaLegumesWild VignaOther legumes
Vigna vexillata var. lobatifoliaLegumesWild Vigna (Vigna vexillata var. labatifolila)Other legumes
Vigna vexillata var. ovataLegumesWild Vigna (Vigna vexillata var. ovata)Other legumes
Vigna vexillata var. tsusimensisLegumesWild Vigna (Vigna vexillata var. tsusimensis)Other legumes
Vigna vexillataLegumesVigna vexillataOther legumes
Vigna vexillata var. angustifoliaLegumesWild VignaOther legumes
Vigna vexillata var. macrospermaLegumesVigna vexillata var. macrospermaOther legumes
Vigna witteiLegumesWild VignaOther legumes
Vitis aestivalisFruit treesSummer grapeWine grape
Vitis argentifoliaFruit trees(Vitis)Wine grape
Vitis berlandieri x V. ripariaFruit treesWine grape (hybrid)Wine grape
Vitis champiniiFruit trees(Vitis)Wine grape
Vitis doanianaFruit trees(Vitis)Wine grape
Vitis flexuosaFruit trees(Vitis)Wine grape
Vitis labruscaFruit treesFox grapeWine grape
Vitis labrusca x V. amurensisFruit treesWine grape (hybrid)Wine grape
Vitis palmataFruit treesRed grape, Cat grapeWine grape
Vitis riparia x V. rupestrisFruit treesWine grape (hybrid)Wine grape
Vitis rotundifoliaFruit treesMascadineWine grape
Vitis rupestris x V. riparia x V. vinifera x V. labrusca x V. lincecumiiFruit treesWine grape (hybrid)Wine grape
Vitis rupestris x V. vinifera x V. lincecumii x V. bourquinianaFruit treesWine grape (hybrid)Wine grape
Vitis sp.Fruit trees(Vitis)Wine grape
Vitis thunbergiiFruit trees(Vitis)Wine grape
Vitis viniferaFruit treesWine grapeWine grape
Vitis vinifera x V. amurensisFruit treesWine grape (hybrid)Wine grape
Vitis vinifera x V. labruscaFruit treesWine grape (hybrid)Wine grape
Vitis vinifera x V. labrusca x V. aestivalisFruit treesWine grape (hybrid)Wine grape
Vitis vinifera x V. labrusca x V. aestivalis x V. linsecomiiFruit treesWine grape (hybrid)Wine grape
Vitis vinifera x V. labrusca x V. aestivalis x V. rupestris x V. linsecomiiFruit treesWine grape (hybrid)Wine grape
Vitis vinifera x V. labrusca x V. linsecomiiFruit treesWine grape (hybrid)Wine grape
Vitis vinifera x V. riparia x V. rupestrisFruit treesWine grape (hybrid)Wine grape
Vitis vinifera x V. rupestris x V. labrusca x V. linsecomii x V. riparia x V. bourquinianaFruit treesWine grape (hybrid)Wine grape
Vitis vinifera x V. rupestris x V. linsecomiiFruit treesWine grape (hybrid)Wine grape
Vitis vinifera x V. rupestris x V. linsecomii x V. berlandieriFruit treesWine grape (hybrid)Wine grape
Vitis vinifera x V. rupestris x V. linsecomii x V. berlandieri x V. labruscaFruit treesWine grape (hybrid)Wine grape
Vitis vinifera x V. rupestris x V. linsecomii x V. berlandieri x V. shuttleworthiiFruit treesWine grape (hybrid)Wine grape
Zea maysGrasses and forage cropsMaizeMaize
Zoysia japonicaGrasses and forage cropsJapanese lawngrassLawngrass