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Rose [Rosa sp.]

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There are about 150 recognized and described species of roses. They are found in the subtropical zone, the temperatezone, the subfrigid zone and the frigid zone of the Northernhemisphere.
8 species, Rosa multiflora, R.chinensis, R.alba,R.centifolia, R.damascena, R.gallica, R.foetida, R.wichuraiana, play a large part in the development of the modern roses.
The recurrent flowering derived from R.chinensis. The characteristic of cluster-flowers descendedfrom R.multiflora. The yellows and oranges of today owe their colors to R.foetida.
Deciduous, or sometimes evergreen, shrubs with erect, arching or scrambling, occasionally trailing stems, usually with thorns.
Leaves alternate, usually odd-pinnate, rarely 3-foliolate or simple. Stipules usually present. Flowers solitary or in corymbs.
Roses have been cultivated since very early times, about 1600 BC. Through some important developments, Hybrid Tea and Floribunda are the most popular in our present day roses.
Roses are cultured for cut flower production and as garden plants and potted plants. The flower of R.damascena, R.moschata are used as a material for perfume and perfumed oil respectively.
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