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Wild Vigna [Vigna minima (Roxb.) Ohwi & Ohashi]


According to Tateishi (1984), V.minima is very variable species.
The leaflets vary from linear to triangular-ovate or ovate. In extreme cases as described under Phaseolus heterohyllus, linear and ovate leaflets appear in the same individual.
Taiwan, China, Indo-China, Malaysia, the Philippines and New Guinea (Tateishi, 1984).
V.minima has golden yellow flowers. Seed testa is smooth with dark gray color. Seeds are oblong, hilum is linear and rim-aril is thick. Mature pods are glabrous.
Pods 5-8.5 cm long, 9-12 seeded. Narrowly ovate stipules are small, 3-5 mm long, less than 4 mm wide. Bracteoles are triangular-ovate. Germination is hypogeal.
As genetic resources
The levels of resistance to insects and diseases have not been studied. Further research and collection efforts are necessary.
Tateishi,Y. 1984. Contributions to the Genus Vigna (Leguminosae) in Taiwan I. Sci. Rep. Tohoku Univ. 4th ser. (Biology) 38: 335-350.