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Wild Vigna [Vigna hirtella Ridley]


Vigna hirtella is a perennial wild legume belonging to the subgenus Ceratotropis in the genus Vigna (Tateishi1985). As for the taxonomy of Vigna, the taxonomic system of Marechal et al.(1978) was widely accepted now. However, Vigna hirtella is listed as a species that was recognized by Verdcourt(1970), and examination based on the specimen was not conducted. Later, Tateishi(1985) accepted Vigna hirtella as distinct species based on the examination of the specimens. 2n=22 ?.
India (Assam, Bengal), Myanmar, Thailand, Indo-China, South China, Malaysia (Tateishi, 1985).
According to Tateishi(1985), the morphological characteristics of V.hirtella is as follows. Stipiles peltate, lanceolate, sometimes falcate, acute or acuminate at the apex, 5-10mm long, 1-2.5mm wide. Leaflets membranaceous, densly covered with long spreading yellow hairs on both surface. Terminal leaflet lanceolate, narrowly ovate to ovate, oblong ovate or narrowly triangular-ovate, entire or sometimes faintly 3-lobed, accuminate or acute at the apex. Bracteoles linear or lanceolate, acuminate at the apex, almost as long as or longer than calyx, 2-6mm long, 0.8-1mm wide, usually cilicate with short or long hairs.
Floweres yellow, 10-17mm in diameter. Keel-petals, spirally incurved through 250-300 degree, the pocket 2.5-5mm long.
Pods spreading or pendulous, linear, cylindrical,5-9cm long, 3-4mm wide, glabrous or spersely minute hairy, brownish grey when matured, 12-20 seeded. Seeds short cylindrical, ellipsoida, 2.5-4 x 1.5-2.5 x 1.5-2.4mm, smooth. Hilum oblong or linear, 1-1.5mm long, aril thin. Germination hypogeal, primary leaf cordate with petiole.
As genetic resources
The evaluation as a genetic resources, such as resistance against diseases and insects has not been carried out. There are no genebanks that have accessions of V.hirtella throughout the world. Therfore,collection and evaluation of this species is considered to be very important.
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