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Wild Vigna [Vigna reflexo-pilosa Hayata]


Vigna reflexo-pilosa is a wild legume belonging to the subgenus Ceratotropis in the genus Vigna. It is a tetraploid species which is considered to be an amphidiploid (Egawa et al. 1990).
Another tetraploid species, Vigna glabrescens is also described in the subgenus Ceratotropis (Marechal et al. 1978). On the other hand, Tateishi (1985) considered that V.glabrescens is a cultivated form of V.reflexo-pilosa and treated as subspecies of V.reflexo-pilosa, subsp. glabra.
We have examined the relationship between these two tetraploid species. V.reflexo-pilosa is cross compatible with V.glabrescens. They readily produced fertile hybrids when crossed with each other (Tomooka et al. 1991). Judging from the morphological similarities, the same ploidy level (2n=44, 4x), high level of hybrid fertility between them, the same profile of the electrophoregram of some isozymes and total seed protein (Tomooka et al. 1992, Egawa and Tomooka. 1994) and RAPD analysis (Tomooka et al.1995), we considered that V.reflexo-pilosa is the wild progenitor of cultivated V.glabrescens (Egawa and Tomooka 1994). 2n=4x=44.
Ryukyu islands(the southernmost islands in Japan), Taiwan, South China (Hainan), Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Sumatra, Java, Timor, Australia, New Guinea, New Caledonia, New Hebrides and Fiji (Tateishi. 1985)
Flower color is golden yellow. The pocket on the keel is longer than that of mungbean. The seed testa is smooth with dark gray color. Seed size is 3.1-3.3 x 2.3-1.6mm. 100 seed weight is 1.4-1.7g. pod is 5-7.5cm long, containing 10 to 15 seeds. Germination is hypogeal.
As genetic resources
Since V.glabrescens showed very high level of resistance to insects and diseases (Fernandez and Shanmugasundaram, 1988), V.reflexo-pilosa (wild progenitor) will also harbor high level of resistance. Therefore, several explorations were conducted in the Nansei Archipelago, Japan (Egawa et al.1990, 1991, Tomooka et al.1992) and in Peninsular Malaysia seeking this species (Bujang et al. 1994). Tomooka et al.(1992) revealed a high level of resistance of V.reflexo-pilosa against a bruchid beetle (Callosobruchus chinensis).
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