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Pink [Dianthus spp.]

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Dianthus ( From Gk dios, genitive of Zeus, and anthos.) There are about 300 species of mostly perennial herbs, usually glabrous; a few species truly suffruticose, and many somewhat woody at base; rarely annual.
Almost confined to Eurasia, with many species in the Mediterranean and the mountains of S. Europe; a few species in the African mountains, and a single one in arctic N. America.
Much complex hybridization lines behind modern Dianthus cultivars.
Leaves opposite, entire, usually cylindric, with 1-3 pairs of epicalyx bracts closely investing base; petals free, with narrow claw and wide-spreading limb, often toothed or cut, but not bifid; colonal scales absent, but a tuft of hairs often present in mouth of flower; stamens 10; styles 2. Fruit a usually shortly-stalked capsule opening with 4 teeth; seeds numerous, more or less concave on one side.
Dianthus plants are utilized for ornamental plants (border, potted, cut- flowers). It is important to breeding material for carnation breeding.
"Syokubutsu idensigen syuusei" (in Japanese)
"Saishin engei daiziten" (in Japanese)