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Oryza coarctata Roxb.

  • Distribution
  • Spikelet


Genome designation
Chromosome number
Tetraploid, 2n=24
South Asia and Myanmar.
Key characteristics
Tall erect herb with creeping rhizomes. Leaves about 40cm long, 15 mm broad, coriaceous, spiny margins. Short ligule fringed with hairs. Panicle up to 20 cm long. Fertile lemma and palea smooth.
Potentially useful traits
Salt resistance.
This species was placed in the separate genus Porteresia by Tateoka (1965). Recently it has been returned to the genus Oryza by Lu and Ge (2004). However, Zuccolo et al. (2007) provide evidence that the genome of Oryza is quite different from other Oryza.
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