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MAFF No.241946
Scientific nameGlobisporangium ultimum var. ultimum (Trow) Uzuhashi, Tojo et Kakishima
= Pythium ultimum Trow var. ultimum
Validation✔The current name marked was taxonomically verified by NARO Genebank.
Reidentified byS. Uzuhashi (Updated: Nov 2010)
Deposited asPythium sp.
SourceBrassica campestris L. var. amplexicaulis
Site on the sourceleaf blade
Isolation dateJun 2009
IsolatorT. Misawa
DepositorT. Misawa
MediumPotato dextrose agar (hand made) (Potato 200g for decoction, Glucose 20g, Agar 17-20g, Distilled water 1000ml)
HazardPathogenic (plant)
PropertyPathogenicity (Chinese cabbage ピシウム腐敗病)
SequenceCox1 ITS
PhotoMicrograph Micrograph Micrograph Symptom, etc. Symptom, etc. Symptom, etc. Symptom, etc. Symptom, etc.
ReferenceMisawa, T. (2018). New disease of horticultural crops in Hokkaido vol.24 Pythium rot of Chinese cabbage caused by Pythium ultimum Trow var. ultimum. Hokunou 85(4): 325-328.