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MAFF No.240180
Scientific nameFusarium foetens Schroers, O'Donnell, Baayen et Hooftman
Validation✔The current name marked was taxonomically verified by NARO Genebank.
IdentifierT. Aoki
Taxonomic statusApproved strain
SourceBegonia x elatior (hybrid)
Site on the sourceleaf and stem
Isolation dateAug 2005
IsolatorT. Sekine
DepositorT. Sekine
DesignationMB-2 (begonia tan 2)
MediumPotato dextrose agar (hand made) (Potato 200g for decoction, Glucose 20g, Agar 17-20g, Distilled water 1000ml)
HazardPathogenic (plant)
SequenceEF1-α H3 ITS-L MtSSU
PhotoPlate, face Plate, reverse
ReferenceSekine, T., Kanno, H. and Aoki, T., Occurrence of leaf and stem rot caused by Fusarium foetens on begonia elatior hybrids (Begonia × hiemalis), Japanese Journal of Phytopathology (Annals of the Phytopathological Society of Japan), 74(3), 164-166, 2008 [URL]