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Details of MAFF 239636
MAFF No.239636
Scientific nameRoussoella hysterioides (Cesati) Hoehnel
IdentifierK. Tanaka
SourceSasa veitchii (Carr.) Rehd.
Site on the sourceculm, stalk
Isolation dateMar 2004
IsolatorK. Tanaka
DepositorY. Harada
Also deposited inJapan Collection of Microorganisms, RIKEN JCM 13126
MediumV-8 Agar (V-8 juice 300ml, CaCO3 4.5g, Agar 15.0g, Distilled water 800ml)
PhotoPlate, face Plate, reverse
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  • Tanaka, K., Hirayama, K., Yonezawa, H., Hatakeyama, S., Harada, Y., Sano, T., Shirouzu, T. and Hosoya, T. (2009). Molecular taxonomy of bambusicolous fungi: Tetraplosphaeriaceae, a new pleosporalean family with Tertaploa-like anamorphs. Studies in Mycology 64(1): 175-209. [10.3114/sim.2009.64.10]
  • Zhang, Y., Schoch, C.L., Fournier, J., Crous, P.W., de Gruyter, J., Woudenberg, J.H.C., Hirayama, K., Tanaka, K., Pointing, S.B., Spatafora, J.W. and Hyde, K.D. (2009). Multi-locus phylogeny of Pleosporales: a taxonomic, ecological and evolutionary re-evaluation. Studies in Mycology 64(1): 85-102. [10.3114/sim.2009.64.04]
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