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MAFF No.239086
Scientific nameColletotrichum musae (Berkeley et M.A. Curtis) Arx (CGSC)
IdentifierD.G. Alvindia
Taxonomic statusApproved strain
SourceMusa sapientum L.
Site on the sourcediseased skin of non-chemical fruit
Comments on isolationconidium isolate
Isolation dateSep 1999
IsolatorD.G. Alvindia
DepositorK. Natsuaki
MediumPotato Sucrose Agar (Potato 200.0g for decoction, Sucrose 20.0g, Agar 17.0-20.0g, Distilled water 1000ml) pH 7.0
HazardPathogenic (plant)
SequenceActin EF1-α GPDH ITS β-tubulin
PhotoMicrograph Micrograph Micrograph Plate, face Plate, reverse
ReferenceSato, T., Moriwaki, J., Uzuhashi, S., Degawa, Y., Ono, T. and Nishimura, K., Molecular phylogenetic analyses and morphological re-examination of strains belonging to three rare Colletotrichum species in Japan, Microbial Resources and Systematics (Microbiology and Culture Collections), 28(2), 121-134, 2012 [URL]