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MAFF No.236454
Scientific nameFusarium culmorum (W.G. Smith) Saccardo
Validation✔The current name marked was taxonomically verified by NARO Genebank.
IdentifierH.I. Nirenberg
Taxonomic statusApproved strain
SourceAgrostis palustris Huds.
Site on the sourceleaf and stem
Isolation dateMar 1992
IsolatorT. Aoki
DepositorT. Aoki
MediumPotato dextrose agar (hand made) (Potato 200g for decoction, Glucose 20g, Agar 17-20g, Distilled water 1000ml)
HazardPathogenic (plant)
SequenceEF1-α H3 ITS-L MtSSU
PhotoPlate, face Plate, reverse
ReferenceChung, W.-H., Ishii, H., Nishimura, K., Ohshima, M., Iwama, T. and Yoshimatsu, H., Genetic analysis and PCR-based identification of major Fusarium species causing haed blight on wheat in Japan, Journal of General Plant Pathology, 74(5), 364-374, 2008 [DOI]
Suzuki, F., Koba, A. and Nakajima, T., Simultaneous identification of species and trichothecene chemotypes of Fusarium asiaticum and F. graminearum sensu stricto by multiplex PCR, Journal of General Plant Pathology, 76(1), 31-36, 2010 [DOI]