Database of Plant Diseases in Japan

Details of (Castanopsis) Anthracnose
Host plant
  • (Castanopsis)
Disease nameAnthracnose
Disease name (Japanese)
  • 炭疽病 [tanso-byo]
  • Colletotrichum fioriniae (Marcelino & Gouli) Pennycook
Pathogen/Cause (synonym)
  • Colletotrichum acutatum J.H. Simmonds
  • 竹内 純・堀江博道:関東病虫研報 44:175, 1997
  • 佐藤豊三・森脇丈治:植物防疫 67(2):113, 2013
  • Sato, T. et al.:JARQ 47(3):295, 2013
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