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Detailed information of Plant Disease

Host plantChrysanthemum
Disease nameRoot and stem rot
Disease name (Japanese)立枯病 [tachigare-byo]
Pathogen/Cause (1)Rhizoctonia solani J.G. Kühn
References (1)梶原敏宏・菅田重雄:関東病虫研報 18:74, 1971
佐藤 衛ら:日植病報 78(1):22, 2012
Pathogen/Cause (2)binucleate Rhizoctonia
References (2)築尾嘉章ら:日植病報 70(3):219, 2004
Pathogen/Cause (3)binucleate Rhizoctonia
References (3)築尾嘉章ら:日植病報 74(3):177, 2008
Related strains1 strains
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花き類病害の診断・防除 (NIVFS, NARO) [in Japanese]