White Leghorn(Anthony Line)(Tokyo)

Photo credit, KIKUCHI, Kazuhiro, National Institute of Agrobiological Sciences

Italy was the original place and “Leghorn” came from the name of port, Livorno, where Leghorn was exported to America Anthony Line of White Leghorn was bed and improved at Anthony Poultry Farm, USA.

This breed is typical Layer type breed. Plumage color is controlled Dominant White (I) gene. Comb is single and red. Skin and shank are yellow. Wattles are large and red. Body shape is similar to indigenous fowl. Ear lobe and eggshell are white.

White Leghorn (Tokyo Anthony Line): Age of first egg is 150 to 160 days after birth. Egg production ratio of this line is not so high as of White Leghorn. This line shows high disease resistance and was introduced from Tochigi Prefectural Animal Husbandry Experiment Station for improving egg production.