Chu-Shamo(middle sized)(Tokyo)

Photo credit, KIKUCHI, Kazuhiro, National Institute of Agrobiological Sciences

Chu-shamo is one of varieties of shamo and is middle sized. Shamo is thought to have derived from Malay type chicken imported from Thailand in the 16th or 17th century. “Shamo” came from Siam, the old name of Thailand. In 1941 Shamo was designated as natural monument by the Japanese Government.

Shamo, Japanese Game, are divided into several varieties, according to their body size and other morphological characters. The main varieties are O-shamo, Ko-shamo, Yamato-gunkei, Nankin-shamo, Kinpa and Yakido.

Chu-Shamo (Tokyo) is developed by selective breeding from population introduced from breeders of Tokyo in Tokyo Metropolitan Animal Husbandry Experiment Station. Plumage colors are black breasted red or self black. This breed show low fighting character, low broodiness and improved growing rate.