Photo credit, KIKUCHI, Kazuhiro, National Institute of Agrobiological Sciences

The origin of Brahma is not clear. However, its original name of Brahma-Pootra, name of Indian river, came from the place where the first stock of this breed exported to New York in 1846. Many color varieties, the dark, the light, the buff Columbian etc., are found in this breed. Brahma was imported in Japan as chicken type breed.

Photo shows the light colored, white with black Columbian pattern. Body is broad, square and deep, comparable to Cochin breeds. Shank is yellow with feather. Pea comb and, large wattle are red. Ear lobe is large clear red. Although this breed is chicken breed, because of slow grower, Brahma is reared as an ornamental animal in Japan. Annual egg production is 100 to 120 of pale brown egg.

Tokyo line was kept for exhibition at Tokyo Metropolitan Animal Husbandry Experiment Station.