Photo credit, KIKUCHI, Kazuhiro, National Institute of Agrobiological Sciences

Australorp was developed from dual purpose black Orpington after selective breeding toward higher productivity during 1890s to early 1900s in Australia. Australorp is named from an abbreviation of Australian black Orpington.

Originally, this breed was used for meat and egg production. After improvement toward high egg production, Australorp became thought as layer breed. Plumage color is self black. Skin and leg is slate color. Ear lobes and wattles are red color. Comb is single and red. Broodiness is absent in Tokyo line. Egg production ratio is a little lower than White Leghorn.

Ausutralorp kept at Tokyo Metropolitan Animal Husbandry Experiment Station has been introduced from Hokkaido Prefectural Takikawa Animal Husbandry Experiment Station.