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MAFF No.410667
Scientific nameOphiostoma piceae (Muench) Sydow et P. Sydow
IdentifierM. Yoshioka
SourceQuercus mongolica var. grosserrata (Bl.) Rehd et Wils
Site on the sourceinner bark
Isolation dateSep 1991
IsolatorM. Yoshioka
DepositorM. Kusunoki
DesignationOp-1 (92Op-7)
MediumPotato dextrose agar (hand made) (Potato 200g for decoction, Glucose 20g, Agar 17-20g, Distilled water 1000ml)
PhotoMicrograph Micrograph Micrograph Plate, face Plate, reverse
ReferenceOhtaka, N., Masuya, H., Kaneko, S. and Yamaoka, Y., Two ophiostoma species associated with bark beetles in wave-regenerated Abies veitchii forests in Japan, Mycoscience, 43(2), 151-157, 2002 [DOI]