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MAFF No.410081
Scientific nameMycosphaerella laricis-leptolepidis Kaz. Ito, Sato et Ota
IdentifierK. Ito
Taxonomic statusReference strain
SourceLarix leptolepis ( Zucc.) Gord.
Comments on isolationascospore isolate
IsolatorK. Ito
DepositorK. Tanaka
HazardPathogenic (plant)
PhotoPlate, face Plate, reverse
ReferenceIto, K., Sato, K. and Ota, N., Studies on the needle cast of Japanese larch-I: Life history of the causal fungus, Mycosphaerella larici-leptolepis sp. nov., Bulletin of the Government Forestry Experiment Station, 96, 69-88, 1957 [URL]
Quaedvlieg, W., Groenewald, J.Z., de Jesus Yanez-Morales, M. and Crous, P.W., DNA barcoding of Mycosphaerella species of quarantine importance to Europe, Persoonia, 29, 101-115, 2012 [DOI]