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MAFF No.239074
Scientific nameFusarium sacchari (E.J. Butler et Hafiz Khan) W. Gams
IdentifierT. Aoki
Taxonomic statusApproved strain
SourceSaccharum officinarum L.
Site on the sourceleaf blade
Isolation date1998/11
IsolatorT. Aoki
DepositorT. Aoki
MediumSynthetic Low Nutrient Agar (KH2PO4 1.0g, KNO3 1.0g, MgSO4・7H2O 0.5g, KCl 0.5g, Dextrose 0.2g, Sucrose 0.2g, 1N NaOH 0.6ml, Agar 23.0g, Distilled Water 1000ml)
HazardPathogenic (plant)
SequenceH3 ITS-L MtSSU
ReferenceAoki, T., Collection and evaluation of filamentous fungi on sugarcane in Amami Oshima Island, Annual Report on Exploration and Introduction of Microbial Genetic Resources, 12, 15-30, 2000 [URL]